Loifa applauded

Menyamya MP, Solen Loifa, has been applauded for making an effort to fix the troublesome roads of Menyamya district in Morobe Province.

Morobe’s newly-appointed provincial administrator, Max Brutan, stressed on road connections, which give access to people to move back and forth and, in turn, stimulate economic and social development.

Good roads mean active economic activities.

“It is very important that all our Members and leaders must stand together to ensure that we talk about road network,” he said. “For instance, we need to connect Kabwum to Lae, we need to connect Finschhafen, which the honourable Minister, Rainbo Paita, is doing.

“There is no better time than now because we have the Deputy Prime Minister from Morobe, we have the Minister for Finance and National Planning from Morobe; two senior economic ministries are given to Morobe.

“So there is no better time than now. All we have to do is stand united with our Members in ensuring that we bring those services into our province.”

Bulolo MP, Sam Basil Jnr, is also taking his cue from his Menyamya counterpart, admitting that it was no hassle, driving to the neighbouring district. 

“I used to come to Menyamya but as a passenger,” he said. “Today I drove myself and noted that 99 percent of the road was smooth – maybe because we were coming, I’m not sure. But I need this to be an ongoing thing.

“People should not just fix the roads and go for good. If they are grading the road then they need to put stones in it, like I noticed on my way here.

“Morobe Province and the district can fund this road. We all know it’s an economical road, I don’t need to explain. Coffee grows here and now, apple as well.”

The Bulolo MP, who is yet to upgrade most of the roads in his district, further suggested that his neighbours consider hydropower, like the project at Buang.

“Hydropower is more environmentally friendly,” he continued. “It’s just a matter of containing water and channeling it to spin the turbine to generate electricity. 

“The community, especially landowners, need to understand that it is not mining to dig up your land. It’s all about storing water and pushing it through a pipe. That’s it. So they have to work together with their MP to push for hydro.”

Loop Author