Solen Loifa

Menyamya welcomes new vehicles, machineries

This is to continue boosting the service mechanism in the district, under the leadership of local MP and Vice Minister for Treasury, Solen Loifa.

When making the presentation, the local MP said: “We will continue to work hard for Menyamya to progress. This is the time for us to work. Not to involve in political debates with people with hidden political interests on social media.

Menyamya encouraged to welcome development

Member for Menyamya, Solen Loifa, encouraged his electorate, in Morobe Province, to welcome the growth of their district.

The lack of proper roads and basic services has always been a challenge for the remote Menyamya district.

Under the leadership of their young visionary leader, the rugged face of the electorate is slowly changing.

Speaking at the opening of their state-of-the-art Umba Community Health Post on Tuesday, Loifa encouraged the people of Kome Rural LLG to allow development to take place.

Loifa applauded

Morobe’s newly-appointed provincial administrator, Max Brutan, stressed on road connections, which give access to people to move back and forth and, in turn, stimulate economic and social development.

Good roads mean active economic activities.

“It is very important that all our Members and leaders must stand together to ensure that we talk about road network,” he said. “For instance, we need to connect Kabwum to Lae, we need to connect Finschhafen, which the honourable Minister, Rainbo Paita, is doing.

Funding never reaches districts: MP

During the Morobe Provincial Government’s budget session at Tutumang Haus, Menyamya MP, Solen Loifa, expressed his concern that the Morobe Provincial Administration does not properly vet so-called contractors, who take the money and disappear.

“Planti mani lo provincial infrastructure grant no save kamap lo distrik,” he said.

“Em save pinis lo Morobe Provincial Administration hia lo Lae. Paper contractors come in here, finish the money and it never reaches the villages.