Road rehabilitation

Loifa applauded

Morobe’s newly-appointed provincial administrator, Max Brutan, stressed on road connections, which give access to people to move back and forth and, in turn, stimulate economic and social development.

Good roads mean active economic activities.

“It is very important that all our Members and leaders must stand together to ensure that we talk about road network,” he said. “For instance, we need to connect Kabwum to Lae, we need to connect Finschhafen, which the honourable Minister, Rainbo Paita, is doing.

Agri programme finalizes contracts

The road rehabilitation and specific maintenance provides improved access for the rural population in the Greater Sepik Region of 12,430.

The programme also reported the achievement of 40% physical progress in implementation of six (6) ongoing road rehabilitation and specific maintenance contracts in partnership with PNG UniTech.