Kapao Rural LLG

Kapao LLG calls for police station

While the Kapao LLG station is slowly taking shape, police reservist, Antipas Giatrus, outlined the pressing issue of law and order.

Giatrus has been working there as a police reservist for eight years, with less than 10 other colleagues.

And with no police station, suspects are taken to Bulolo district for lockup, which is another costly exercise, especially when there is no police vehicle.

“Polis stesin na polis kar i mas stap bikos ol lukim olsem em bikpla ishu. (A police station and police vehicle is needed.)

Menyamya coffee farmers get insurance

Founder and chairman of Hamtai Coffee Group, Den Anas, said Menyamya has been producing coffee since 1950 with no district, provincial or national government support.

However, instead of sitting back and begging for support, they have moved another step forward by insuring their prized commodity.

Anas described his vision of coffee production in Menyamya as a “100 dream”.

“Mi mangi ples, mi stap lo bik bus tasol mi kisim 100 driman,” he said. “Mi no go lo skul, mi no pinisim UPNG, mi stap lo bik bus na mi kisim wanpla 100 driman blo mi.