Agri Assurance Ltd

Menyamya coffee farmers get insurance

Founder and chairman of Hamtai Coffee Group, Den Anas, said Menyamya has been producing coffee since 1950 with no district, provincial or national government support.

However, instead of sitting back and begging for support, they have moved another step forward by insuring their prized commodity.

Anas described his vision of coffee production in Menyamya as a “100 dream”.

“Mi mangi ples, mi stap lo bik bus tasol mi kisim 100 driman,” he said. “Mi no go lo skul, mi no pinisim UPNG, mi stap lo bik bus na mi kisim wanpla 100 driman blo mi.

Insurance Workshop For Morobe Schools

The agriculture, climate risk and disaster micro-insurance firm was recently established with the support of the Morobe Provincial Government.

Head teachers and staff from the Morobe provincial education division attended the Agri Assurance education workshop, where they were informed of options available to them to protect their infrastructure, staff and students.

Executive director and CEO of Agri Assurance, Mark Gabriel Baiai said insurance has become an important part of the social services delivery mechanism.