Menyamya district

‘Where did our K2 million go to?’

Frustrations have mounted after a delegation from the Health Department visited the health facility in Menyamya last week and advised that it will be closed as the work environment is not conducive, the infrastructure and staff houses are falling apart, the meagre supply of medical tools are rusty or worn out, and there is no electricity or proper running water.

Community health worker, Pauline Gaigami, lamented that from the annual K10 million district services improvement program funds, K2 million was supposed to be for the health sector.

Menyamya needs roads, says Loifa

Farmers are forced to carry bags of coffee and walk for days to reach the nearest road and with coffee being a perishable product, the beans rot within a few days, resulting in wasted effort and time.

Local MP, Solen Loifa, urged the provincial government to hear their plea and build roads and bridges to connect Menyamya to Lae.

“Kofi blo mipla stil sting yet lo maunten na bus stap,” said Loifa. (Our coffee is rotting on the mountain and in bushes.)

Menyamya coffee farmers get insurance

Founder and chairman of Hamtai Coffee Group, Den Anas, said Menyamya has been producing coffee since 1950 with no district, provincial or national government support.

However, instead of sitting back and begging for support, they have moved another step forward by insuring their prized commodity.

Anas described his vision of coffee production in Menyamya as a “100 dream”.

“Mi mangi ples, mi stap lo bik bus tasol mi kisim 100 driman,” he said. “Mi no go lo skul, mi no pinisim UPNG, mi stap lo bik bus na mi kisim wanpla 100 driman blo mi.

Support Health Volunteers: OIC

Officer-in-charge of the Aseki Health Centre, Sister Mathilda Maborai, said their village health volunteers work long hours alone, without pay and without proper equipment and supplies.

The village health volunteers of Menyamya district work in one of the most remote and marginalised areas of Morobe Province.

Sr Maborai said the 12 VHVs of Poiyu village, in the Nanima-Kariba Rural LLG, were trained 15 years ago, and under only one of three modules, which is safe motherhood.

Village court, police station needed: Officer

Furthermore, its village court officials hope to be recognised and included in the system.

Since their swearing in ceremony in 2010, the village court magistrate of Aseki Station in the Nanima-Kariba Rural LLG, Pupus Yawa, said they have no facility to operate from and there is no police officer to assist in law and order.

“So far mi gat tenpla ofisas; faivpla pis ofisas na faivpla mejistreit na wanpla klak,” he stated. (So far I have 10 officers; five peace officers and five magistrates and one clerk.)