Everyday people PNG

Everyday People: Grace Loau

I joined the company Innovative Agro Industry in 2014 as a logistics officer in the admin office. It was just at the start of the company when it was operating under a house.    

In 2018 when Ilimo Farm was coming, there were many things to do and though I was an admin officer, we were doing sales and marketing also. I saw myself as the Jack-of-all-trades at that time. So in 2019 I joined the marketing department as a fulltime sales person, and I was doing the sales for Ilimo Dairy Farm.

Everyday People PNG : Shirley Alfred Jack

My husband works as the Manager for Sogeri Hotel. I am a stay-at-home mom so I sew meri-blouses to support my husband in the upkeep of our household.

I brought my cousin over from East New Britain to help me sew and sell these meri-blouses.

Everyday People: Isa Yabi

In 1980 when Kamea Construction went down to Gulf province to build a road to Kaintiba, Menyamya, and Aseki, there was a Miss PNG Quest sponsored by Kamea Construction in 1985 which I entered. I was selected as Miss Kamea Construction for Miss PNG, but it didn’t progress because the Kamea Construction work broke down. So I took a typing course with the Commerce Department and after 6 months I received my certificate. My first job was with Ilawa Inn Hotel in Kerema town, as a receptionist. I worked for two years under an Australian called Don Bird.

Everyday People PNG : Sipora Eluh

I did my teacher training at Balop Teachers’ College in Morobe Province after completing grade 12. I graduated from college and taught for only two years with public schools then I went back for studies with the International Education Agency teacher induction program.

After three years I left IEA and went to work with Birdwing Independent school and after that I came to Nonu.

Everyday People PNG : Maria Alu

My first job here was with the DCA at 7-Mile, now it’s called NAC. Then in 2003 I got retrenched so I went home but that was only for a short while because in the same month and same year I got employed with BELTEC chemical company; I resigned in 2005 after a year.

I was at home from 2006 to 2008. In 2009 I went back to my old job with DCA (NAC). I worked from 2010-2012 but then I resigned in 2013.

Everyday People: Esther Talu

Before I came to Digicel I used to sell betelnut and smoke at Rainbow market, to take care of my three boys.

One day while I was at my market table a lady by the name of Winifred came by. She was one of my buai customers. While we chatted, she told me that she was a working at Digicel and she was the Facilities Manager so I asked if there are any jobs with (Digicel) Facilities and she said there was, so I came to work here. It’s been almost 8 years since I started.

Everyday People: Natasha Geno

My parents are self-employed. My dad makes coffins and my mum sews and sells clothes.

This year I faced some very big challenges that almost destroyed my life and sometimes I used to think that I couldn’t make it but I thank God for my family, especially our Christian belief.

My family and my friends brought me onto the right path again and encouraged me with the Word of God, to overcome these challenges.

My dream is to become an accountant so my choices after grade 12, were to institutions that offered accounting and business management.

Everyday People: Napoleon Susuk

He was participating in the fair by selling drinks during the event. Napoleon completed his final year of studies at UPNG in 2020 where he majored in Literature and minor in political science.

“I plan to go back and complete my studies with a double major to take up political studies but it is not possible now because they removed that so I will just go back and upgrade some of my courses. Since I cannot find job yet I am doing small sales to occupy myself,” says Napoleon.

Everyday People: Christilla Kep

She comes from a family of four, two girls and two boys but one passed away. She and her siblings were brought up their mother as their father passed on while they were very young.

Christila did her primary schooling at Monokam Primary School in Wabag and continued to Wapenamanda to do grades 9-10 and upper secondary 11 and 12 at the Kopen Secondary School.

She came to Port Moresby in early last year in search for further education and tried to enter UPNG but that was not successful. She now lives in Port Moresby with her brother at Hohola 2, Whitehouse settlement.

Everyday People: Joe Kunda Naur

He was awarded a Member of British Empire for his service to the public service by former Governor General late Sir Michael Ogio.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Administration from the University of Papua New Guinea. From being the Principal of Gumine Secondary School, he was elevated to occupy the position of Principal Advisor or Assistant Secretary for division of Education in Chimbu.