Everyday People: Isa Yabi

My name is Isa Yabi. I come from Gulf, Manus and Sepik. I have three children and four others whom I adopted. All of them live with me.

In 1980 when Kamea Construction went down to Gulf province to build a road to Kaintiba, Menyamya, and Aseki, there was a Miss PNG Quest sponsored by Kamea Construction in 1985 which I entered. I was selected as Miss Kamea Construction for Miss PNG, but it didn’t progress because the Kamea Construction work broke down. So I took a typing course with the Commerce Department and after 6 months I received my certificate. My first job was with Ilawa Inn Hotel in Kerema town, as a receptionist. I worked for two years under an Australian called Don Bird. Then I worked with two more companies before moving to Port Moresby in 1990.

My first job in Moresby was at the Motor Sports club. It was very difficult because it required night jobs but there was no transport for drop off so I resigned and worked with Sun Rise Trading in Koki. Later on I left and joined Steamships Company. In 2009 I was given a supervisor role and I worked there for 8 years until I resigned in 2015. That’s when I joined Digicel.

When I came here to Digicel I saw that Digicel treats the employees really well. My pay was good and I was happy to work. I’ve been here for 5 years and 8 months.  Last week I received by 5 year award with Digicel and I bought myself a laptop. 

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