Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG :Christine Tiagoba

I came here to see if my uncles can help me get into grade 7 but they didn’t help me. I thought my uncle who lives in Popondetta would help me but he couldn’t so I got tired of living in Moresby and went back home.  

At that time there were not too many people from my village were working in the city and they had no money to help me so I went back home in 1999.  Then in 2002 I came back to Moresby and got involved in church activities and we used to go places. But then in 2007 my dad passed away so I went home.  

Everyday People PNG : Karen Makasu

This is my first year of teaching. Well before I came here I was teaching back at home at ARoB at St. Mary’s Asitavi Secondary, it’s an all girls’ school.

About today it’s quite an overwhelming feeling. It’s a very special day especially for us 700 students who have graduated today with Bachelor of Education in Secondary teaching. For me after all these years of my education journey and up until now it’s the very happiest moment of my life and I’m also looking forward to other endeavours or achievements that I would like to add onto this degree paper that I got.

Everyday People PNG : Gideon Thomas

I just recently completed my studies at International Training Institute where I studied Information Technology and a job search is on my mind every day.

I have two brothers who are still living with my parents back home in Enga. Life in Port Moresby, all of us know that it is very tough. While in search of a job, I joined the sport of body building to keep me occupied and focused.

I miss my family back in Wapenamanda, so it can get emotionally and mentally difficult sometimes.

Everyday People PNG : Cynthia Nawa

 Last year we finished all our courses and we got the grades.

Then they sent us out to the field to teach. It happens like that, we have to go out to the field first then we come back to graduate.

Right now I am so happy, I am very happy because it has been my dream to become a teacher since I was a child and right now receiving that Bachelor Degree in Teaching.

Everyday People PNG : Rex Rovi

I am a session bass player and technician by profession in the repair and maintenance of electronic goods.

I have been in the music industry for the past 10 years and not only am I still doing it, but, shockingly, I’m still extremely optimistic and still finding new successes from what I have learned.

I am currently playing for and with the Weimog Rock Band, and we have been playing in clubs in the city and anywhere else and for whatever reason that our music can take us.

In February this year, our gigs took us to perform live at the National Museum.

Everyday People PNG : Michael Gershom Sarevellhar

Michael is the Vice Chairman for the Scripture Union Volunteers in Port Moresby.

On Friday, 28th of May, Michael and the team of volunteers served breakfast to the students of Bavaroko Primary School as part of the Scripture Union’s Sumatin Feed Program set up in 2018.

Michael regards himself as a city person as has lived in Port Moresby for most of his life. Gerehu Stage 6 is home for Michael.

Everyday People PNG :Kelly Ninkama

Driving a taxi at the age of 63 is a more recent job that I acquired to get through every day struggles, prior to that I worked in the electoral commission for a number of years as an Enumerator for the Electoral commission and many other odd jobs here and there.

Since 1963, I have been through the weather going from job to job and to creating my own businesses. The journey has not been a smooth ride and I have had my fair share of disappointments. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “Should you fail; you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.”

Everyday People PNG : Steven Pala

I do a lot of band session work that allows me to travel and meet so many well-known local and international artists.

For as long as I can remember, music has been a great part of my life. Like so many musicians and artists I started out in the church with my family. I always dreamt to play the drums with the infamous drummer family, the Hakalits brothers, way back in Daru when I was only just a boy.

Everyday People PNG : Francis Turliu

I have performed with artists like Saiikay and Anslom and now for the first time with the Radaaz band.

I am currently with the gospel band P2UIF, helping them musically all because of the great John Robert who gave me the opportunity to be a part of P2UIF, and to assist them where my music could allow.

My first true instrument started with the bass guitar and by grade 8 I learnt to play the lead guitar as well. For almost 12 years now music has been my life and it has taken me on quite the ride and will continue to do so from here on out.

Everyday People PNG : Nathan Nakikus

For over 10 years I have grown so much lyrically in my music and as an artist. One of my proudest moments in my musical career would be when my song “Don’t waste my time” landed 16th in the top20’s of Australia’s Island music Chart.

My music has evolved so much and I have learnt even more over the years. I produce my own music and I have worked with many amazingly talented artists. Some of my productions had me working alongside Anslom Nakikus and the Radazz band.