Everyday People: Christilla Kep

Christilla Kep is 20 years old and comes from Monokam hauslain in Wabag, Enga Province.

She comes from a family of four, two girls and two boys but one passed away. She and her siblings were brought up their mother as their father passed on while they were very young.

Christila did her primary schooling at Monokam Primary School in Wabag and continued to Wapenamanda to do grades 9-10 and upper secondary 11 and 12 at the Kopen Secondary School.

She came to Port Moresby in early last year in search for further education and tried to enter UPNG but that was not successful. She now lives in Port Moresby with her brother at Hohola 2, Whitehouse settlement.

Since she has not found a paid job, Christilla is babysitting her brother’s children and doing their domestic chores.

“My brother buys our food for the house but he does not give me any money, though sometimes he gives me K20 not more than that. But he has rooms and is renting out rooms so I have a room to myself,” she said.

Living in Port Moresby needs money because nothing is free. Her brother sometimes gives her small allowance, but most times her sister who is married and also living Hohola 4, helps her with money. She also has good friends who help her with buying personal needs but she needs a job to be financially independent.

“My mother is living with my uncles at Monokam in Wabag. That’s why I really want to get a job so I can help my mother,” she says.

Christilla desires to go into some technical training and get a job in the hospitality industry or get a job as a security guard or even work as a shop assistant, she will accept any job that comes her way.

Frieda Kana