Everyday People: Joe Kunda Naur

Joe Kunda Naur is from the Endulga tribe in Mirane village in Gembogl district in Chimbu Province.

He was awarded a Member of British Empire for his service to the public service by former Governor General late Sir Michael Ogio.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Administration from the University of Papua New Guinea. From being the Principal of Gumine Secondary School, he was elevated to occupy the position of Principal Advisor or Assistant Secretary for division of Education in Chimbu.

Later he was promoted to the position of Deputy Provincial Administrator, then eventually appointed to Acting Provincial Administrator.
In 2010, his substantive position was confirmed serving two terms as the Provincial Administrator until 2017, however Mr Naur was decommissioned from the public service in 2018, without proper recognition for his service to the province.

Chimbu gained its reputation for being the best performing province in two terms, from 2011 to 2016 under his administration.

Mr Naur is confident that there is more he is capable of doing for his province as well as for Papua New Guinea.
Now with the Electoral Commissioner’s position vacant, he hopes to vie for the position as he reckons that as an experienced person in chairing several National Elections in Chimbu. He has the experience to deliver results for the country if he is considered for the job.

Mr Naur’s motto for achievement is teamwork, dedication and honesty as attributes for change.
“When you are determined to achieve development goals for a province you need collective efforts from the politicians, administration and dedicated public servants to deliver.”

Frieda Kana