Everyday People: Grace Loau

I am from Central Province, inside Kairuku, Hisiu village. I am 36 years old and I’m married with four children. I completed grade 10 at Iarowari High School in 2001.

I joined the company Innovative Agro Industry in 2014 as a logistics officer in the admin office. It was just at the start of the company when it was operating under a house.    

In 2018 when Ilimo Farm was coming, there were many things to do and though I was an admin officer, we were doing sales and marketing also. I saw myself as the Jack-of-all-trades at that time. So in 2019 I joined the marketing department as a fulltime sales person, and I was doing the sales for Ilimo Dairy Farm.

I was responsible for selling milk in schools inside the school canteens. Now with Kina Bank’s support, we are doing the Milk in Schools program. We know it’s popular overseas where children are given milk every day in school, but in Papua New Guinea we are just starting. I’m happy to be part of it because we are learning new ways to implement the program.

We are contributing to improving the nutrition of the children in schools through the milk distribution because in 2017 malnutrition rate of Papua New Guinea was 4th highest in the world. I assist in giving nutrition lessons to students before distributing the milk.

We also take their weight and height measurements and keep a data base to monitor their progress. Teachers at Nonu Primary School tell us that the children’s academic results also improved. I hope more sponsors join in to support the program so we can go to more schools around the country.

Frieda Kana