Everyday People: Esther Talu

I’m from Hela & Sandaun. My father is from Oksapmin and my mother is from Hela. I am a single mother.

Before I came to Digicel I used to sell betelnut and smoke at Rainbow market, to take care of my three boys.

One day while I was at my market table a lady by the name of Winifred came by. She was one of my buai customers. While we chatted, she told me that she was a working at Digicel and she was the Facilities Manager so I asked if there are any jobs with (Digicel) Facilities and she said there was, so I came to work here. It’s been almost 8 years since I started.

I want to thank God for blessing us through Digicel, my three boys and I.  Through Digicel I put all my children to school and now the eldest is working. I have my own block and a house. I have my market. When my husband and I separated, my last boy was only 7 months old. He’s 15 now, and in grade 7.

For the wellbeing of my family, I want thank the Digicel for taking me in to work under them. With their help, my children and I are where we are today. My first son is now a teacher. The second is in grade 12. With the ‘Money market training’ I received, I know how to save my money and made it grow. Now I have a small store which is managed by a store keeper during the day and I take over at night. 

I also thank God for taking care of me until this year 2021. I know that he will continue to sustain me for many more years to come.

Frieda Kana