Everyday People PNG : Sipora Eluh

I am from Morobe & Manus. My father is Manus and my mother is from Morobe. I have been teaching in Nonu for 11 years. I started teaching of by teaching at pre-school, I have been here ever since, and my children come to this school as well.

I did my teacher training at Balop Teachers’ College in Morobe Province after completing grade 12. I graduated from college and taught for only two years with public schools then I went back for studies with the International Education Agency teacher induction program.

After three years I left IEA and went to work with Birdwing Independent school and after that I came to Nonu.

I am a Curriculum Support Coordinator and I actually run in-service for teachers, facilitate adult learning and I create literacy support documents, human resource support documents mostly for the lower primary.

I love working with students. You know how it feels when you go out? It feels like you’re being a rock star because everywhere you go students are everywhere and calling out your name. Some of my students are already working and one would call out, ‘hey miss how are you doing? Here’s a K50 for you or a K100 for you and that’s the best part about it...when former student recognize you and assist you just because they value you.

Now with the milk program, I realized that so many things it has done to the kids. Most importantly, it has improved their attendance. For instance my son who has been sick and is on medication at home but this morning he wanted to come to school because he doesn’t want to miss out on the milk stik.

You see that’s part of the change, so if my child is doing that, I know for sure the other students are doing the same with their parents. They want to be in school because they get milk stik, juice from the Ilimo every single day.

The entire milk program has motivated them to come to school everyday.

Frieda Kana