Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG : Russell Coomer

I was living and volunteering in the Usino Bundi District, Madang Province. I was based in Gama LLG.  

I am from Manus Province. I grew up here in Port Moresby because of my father’s job, he was a soldier in the Papua New Guinea Defense Force and we lived at Taurama Barracks.

I completed high school at De La Salle and went to Rabaul to complete my secondary education.

After secondary school, I came back to Port Moresby to study at the Catholic Theological Institution at Bomana. I completed studies and got my papers there.

Everyday People PNG : Gilbert Aovava

I went to school in the village, the highest I went was elementary school. However, I became a part of the church, and it was through the church that I learned how to read and I gained confidence to share the word of God. The church has helped me a lot.

I came to Port Moresby to hear the final decision of a court case with my fellow landowners, and a logging company operating in our area. We have been receiving royalties from the logging company for 29 years but there have been some issues with our payments so we took the matter to court.

Everyday People PNG : Francis Hahepa

My wife is a teacher. I have five children, and 15 grandchildren, and that’s a lot. It’s always good to have them with me.

Everyday People PNG : Anna Lauka

The struggle in bringing crafts from a far is real for Anne, owner of ANKA CRAFT who has faced the struggles and challenges in her travels. Her items come from Siwai, Bana & Central Bougainville districts.

Being a business owner comes with responsibilities and it requires more to become successful.  This includes getting your logistics done right and as safe and reliable as possible to bring your commercial products into the hub of the city to sell to tourists and city dwellers.

Everyday People PNG : Zimmah Glowaiye

Before I started with the Arts theatre, I was unemployed and doing voluntary work for NGO’S at the time, and getting myself occupied in helping out where I could.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine working at Moresby Arts introduced me to their president Bob Stanley.

I was actually in the process of looking for vacancies there when he and his team took me in and made me a part of this wonderful unit. They have been nothing short of amazing since I joined in 2018.

Everyday People PNG : Michael Vincent

Hailing from Gulf Province, Michael grew up in Gerehu and now raises his own family in the suburb as well.

Michael says the eldest of his children is 18 years old and therefore, has voted for the leader he believes has the most experience and plans that will help develop the community by making sure that basic services are being provided and children remain in schools with proper learning facilities.

Everyday People PNG : Luaina Vao

I was in school but then things didn’t work out the way I planned. I was at UPNG doing second year law but before I reached third year I didn’t make it through.

Richard Mark is my brother and he owns the Sup na Kumu SME. I volunteered to help my brother because I was inspired by his business idea, his passion for cooking. I myself love cooking. I’m like the chef at home.

Everyday People PNG :Christine Tiagoba

I came here to see if my uncles can help me get into grade 7 but they didn’t help me. I thought my uncle who lives in Popondetta would help me but he couldn’t so I got tired of living in Moresby and went back home.  

At that time there were not too many people from my village were working in the city and they had no money to help me so I went back home in 1999.  Then in 2002 I came back to Moresby and got involved in church activities and we used to go places. But then in 2007 my dad passed away so I went home.  

Everyday People PNG : Karen Makasu

This is my first year of teaching. Well before I came here I was teaching back at home at ARoB at St. Mary’s Asitavi Secondary, it’s an all girls’ school.

About today it’s quite an overwhelming feeling. It’s a very special day especially for us 700 students who have graduated today with Bachelor of Education in Secondary teaching. For me after all these years of my education journey and up until now it’s the very happiest moment of my life and I’m also looking forward to other endeavours or achievements that I would like to add onto this degree paper that I got.

Everyday People PNG : Gideon Thomas

I just recently completed my studies at International Training Institute where I studied Information Technology and a job search is on my mind every day.

I have two brothers who are still living with my parents back home in Enga. Life in Port Moresby, all of us know that it is very tough. While in search of a job, I joined the sport of body building to keep me occupied and focused.

I miss my family back in Wapenamanda, so it can get emotionally and mentally difficult sometimes.