Everyday People PNG: Edward Pokana

Edward Pokana, OTML’s Senior Condition Monitoring Technician is Papua New Guinea’s first Ultrasound Inspector after attaining a Level One Certificate in Ultrasound Inspector in June 2021.

After completing eight weeks of online training on ultrasound from the esteemed Belgium firm, SDT Ultrasound Solutions, Pokana achieved this milestone and all through hard work, commitment and support of everyone that helped him through.

The SDT- course is a 16-module training program designed to detect early defects for the applications in mechanical, leaks, lubrication, electrical, valves, steam, hydraulics and tightness, Pokana received certification for SDT Level 1 Ultrasound Inspector ISO 18436-8.

In a media release, Edward said: “In my line of work, we monitor the ‘health statuses ‘of all the rotating equipment at the processing plant and at the Kiunga port. In short, I would say we are doctors of these machines when they are sick. We raise any issues we identify with the equipment to the Maintenance team to which they then plan when the issues can be fixed.”

Through his career, Edward has come and gone through the company, and this time, he says he is back for good with the OTML family.

Carol Kidu