Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG: Belinda Kuri – A life on the highway

Being raised in the village, I have a love for the outdoors and living off the land, and since marrying a man from Kairuku, I get to experience much of this and more in the village.

My grandmother and aunties raised me when my parents separated; I was about seven years old at the time and now being a parent myself, I commit my time and energy to our daughter, who is my entire world.

I am a stay at home mum but I am also my husband’s right hand lady when he needs assistance moving from Port Moresby to his village Nabua Paka in Kairuku, Central Province for work or other.

Everyday People PNG: EZEKIEL YARU

I have a passion for rugby league. I started playing league when I was in grade six. In 2013 I took part for the first time in the schools boys’ rugby league competition.

After I left school, I faced a few challenges with education and school fees, but I pursued my love for rugby league. I played in small league competitions both in Enga, Lae and other parts of the highlands.

In 2017, I joined the Enga Mioks development team and started training and playing from then until 2019.

Genevieve Roberts: Former Beauty Queen Turned Lawyer

Genevieve Roberts was crowned Miss PNG in 2006 at the age of 23. She was a teacher at Goroka Grammar School then. She comes from a mix parentage of Milne Bay and Bougainville.  As a young girl, it was always her dream to become a lawyer. Genevieve took the long way around. Her journey to reach her goal started with a flight to the University of Goroka to undergo a teaching degree.

In 2006, Genevieve graduated from UOG with a Bachelor of Education. After working for 10 years, she enrolled at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) in 2016 to commence Law studies.

Nabua Paka’s Golden Oldies Band

Back in 1968, we started our band and did a recording with NBC Radio. Our first ever song recorded was “Liviti Owai Nabua” a song that we wrote about our village when we started out and it is still played on radio when the stations play songs of our Golden moments.

For the last 40 years, we have continued to perform at any given opportunity and with most of our members gone the six of us are still here playing the good old tunes.

Everyday People PNG: KAMA BRO’s band

The band has two members that have passed away while their lead guitarist left for California a state on the west coast of the United States to pursue his teaching career as a professor.

Though the band lost a few of its members, they remain strong and committed to bringing various music genres for the people to enjoy.

Kama Bros band perform for various occasions singing local songs from Hula and other areas of PNG. They have recorded a song or two with NBC and have played on stages in various central province villages.

Everyday People PNG: Helen Labeli

Having this aid post is very good because usually our people would travel by dinghy paying K30 to go across to Yule Island, as there is a rural hospital there. With the aid post opened people can walk about 25-30 minutes from Nabua Paka to Delena to seek medical attention.

The aid post is a great help to the village people along Nabua, Delena, Poukama and Arabure, as it will save the people and the community of Kairuku.

Everyday People PNG: Thomas Ume

I am based in the village, I see the struggles and hardship my village people are facing and it is unbelievable.

For the city dwellers, we do not see what is happening in rural Papua New Guinea. For myself, because of my profession I was privileged to have traveled around many rural locations around the country.

Everyday People PNG: Lilian Kauba

Lilian’s dad is from Gumine District in Chimbu and her mother is from Laiagam District in Enga Province. She comes from a family of four with two older siblings, a brother who is a medical doctor working in Kundiawa, an older sister who is a dental surgeon working with Diamond International Clinic at Vision City and a younger brother is also a lawyer. 

Paul Turpat: Student by Day, Entertainer by Night

The Tolai lad has made a name for himself with a few singles under his belt. He has appeared on many gigs performing alongside his big brother, Nathan Nakikus.

Cebacazsa started singing in 2013 while a grade ten student at the Saint Mary’s Alumni Secondary School in East New Britain. During their annual Battle of the Band competition in school, he put together a band for the competition that earned them second spot. That was the moment he began his stage performance.

Everyday People: Gilman Hombega

Hombega’s story goes back into the colonial days when there was a divide between the white and the black people. He was just a youth who dropped out of standard 6 and joined the Correctional Services as a prison warden at Giru Prison Camp.