Everyday people PNG

Everyday People: Taurama Military Wives SME

There are four of us in our current group, and we are a part of the lucky few that participated in workshops that landed us a stall to sell our items in the week leading up to the 46th PNG Independence.

Despite being a part of an SME group, we all come individually to sell our items at events that we are able to set up a stall for, and we always support each other.

I have a company of my own called Hipom Kuse’s Family Delight where I do catering of all sorts and for various occasions. The food I deliver in my work is all organic.

Everyday People: Charles Jordan "CJ" Amini

It’s been a long journey.

I’m 29 now and I’m confident that my team, the Kumul Petroleum PNG Barramundis, are ready for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup after a solid preparation at home.

We’ll be going in as underdogs in the October tournament because Oman have home advantage and Scotland have been there before. This will be our first time.

But it would be an opportune time to learn from the whole experience. 

Everyday People: Mairi Harry

I look after my son’s printing shop in the village called Sango IT Solutions, a small business that has helped many with their printing needs in the village, so that they need not go far.

Working in my son’s shop, we have produced many different types of items from binding print copies, printing onto cups, caps, shirts and plates. Our biggest project yet was printing one hundred cups for Moresby South Member Justin Tkatchenko.

Everyday People: Joseph Ovia

Before I came here, I taught in two schools in the Central Province.

I’m a presenter in the Milk in Schools program because I am a qualified teacher too. I really enjoy this programme because it’s also educational for myself since I’m not a nutritionist.

When it’s time to prepare the lessons, I have to go on the internet to do my own research and that’s where I learn new things. I feel like a nutritionist too, and not just an ordinary primary school teacher.

Everyday People: Grace Loau

I joined the company Innovative Agro Industry in 2014 as a logistics officer in the admin office. It was just at the start of the company when it was operating under a house.    

In 2018 when Ilimo Farm was coming, there were many things to do and though I was an admin officer, we were doing sales and marketing also. I saw myself as the Jack-of-all-trades at that time. So in 2019 I joined the marketing department as a fulltime sales person, and I was doing the sales for Ilimo Dairy Farm.

Everyday People PNG : Shirley Alfred Jack

My husband works as the Manager for Sogeri Hotel. I am a stay-at-home mom so I sew meri-blouses to support my husband in the upkeep of our household.

I brought my cousin over from East New Britain to help me sew and sell these meri-blouses.

Everyday People: Isa Yabi

In 1980 when Kamea Construction went down to Gulf province to build a road to Kaintiba, Menyamya, and Aseki, there was a Miss PNG Quest sponsored by Kamea Construction in 1985 which I entered. I was selected as Miss Kamea Construction for Miss PNG, but it didn’t progress because the Kamea Construction work broke down. So I took a typing course with the Commerce Department and after 6 months I received my certificate. My first job was with Ilawa Inn Hotel in Kerema town, as a receptionist. I worked for two years under an Australian called Don Bird.

Everyday People PNG : Sipora Eluh

I did my teacher training at Balop Teachers’ College in Morobe Province after completing grade 12. I graduated from college and taught for only two years with public schools then I went back for studies with the International Education Agency teacher induction program.

After three years I left IEA and went to work with Birdwing Independent school and after that I came to Nonu.

Everyday People PNG : Maria Alu

My first job here was with the DCA at 7-Mile, now it’s called NAC. Then in 2003 I got retrenched so I went home but that was only for a short while because in the same month and same year I got employed with BELTEC chemical company; I resigned in 2005 after a year.

I was at home from 2006 to 2008. In 2009 I went back to my old job with DCA (NAC). I worked from 2010-2012 but then I resigned in 2013.

Everyday People: Esther Talu

Before I came to Digicel I used to sell betelnut and smoke at Rainbow market, to take care of my three boys.

One day while I was at my market table a lady by the name of Winifred came by. She was one of my buai customers. While we chatted, she told me that she was a working at Digicel and she was the Facilities Manager so I asked if there are any jobs with (Digicel) Facilities and she said there was, so I came to work here. It’s been almost 8 years since I started.