Lawyer charged for unlawful use of firearm

According to a police report, the lawyer identified as Douglas Wayne, 42 from Kimininga in Western Highlands was arrested and charged with unlawfully discharging his unlicensed firearm and threatening to kill.

According to reports provided by Laloki police, it was alleged that Wayne was under the influence of alcohol when he used an unlicensed firearm to threaten his wife.

The matter was reported to the police who arrived at the scene and arrested him, but were unsuccessful in retrieving the firearm.

Genevieve Roberts: Former Beauty Queen Turned Lawyer

Genevieve Roberts was crowned Miss PNG in 2006 at the age of 23. She was a teacher at Goroka Grammar School then. She comes from a mix parentage of Milne Bay and Bougainville.  As a young girl, it was always her dream to become a lawyer. Genevieve took the long way around. Her journey to reach her goal started with a flight to the University of Goroka to undergo a teaching degree.

In 2006, Genevieve graduated from UOG with a Bachelor of Education. After working for 10 years, she enrolled at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) in 2016 to commence Law studies.

Passionate Young Advocate

Kila, 26, who recently graduated from the Legal Training Institute, has long been active in promoting the rights of young people with disability, including increasing awareness of their circumstances and needs.

She is currently using her considerable talents to help address the many challenges confronting women and girls with disability, particularly those who experience family and sexual violence.

As a person with disability herself, Kila is keen to improve the way the legal system and survivor support services treat people with disability.

Everyday People: Gomara Gorua

School for me began in the village, with me doing my grades one to six at the Boregaina Community School and we were most probably the last batch of kids that sat for the year six exams.

I then did my grades seven to ten at Kwikila High school and I happy to say that we were the first ones then who took up what is now called Basic Technology.

Young Lawyer Attains Master's

From a mixed parentage of East Sepik, Morobe and Western Highlands, Bofeng is a recipient of the 2020 Australian Awards Scholarship.

He successfully completed the 15 month-long program in March 2021.

Bofeng said the program critically considered the theory of development through law with an emphasis that sustainable means and local PNG ways of attaining development should be prioritised instead of merely relying on introduced, foreign ideas.

Sheppard’s second arrest

This is the lawyer’s second arrest following his involvement with K52 million belonging to the Western Province People’s Dividends Community Mine Continuation Agreement Trust Fund.

In a statement, Police alleged that Sheppard was involved directly in unlawfully transferring K52 million from K268 million belonging to the Western Province People’s Dividends Community Mine Continuation Agreement Funds belonging to the landowners of the Ok Tedi Mine.

Female lawyer boosts commission’s expertise

Lucy Mathew, 31, was formally welcomed back to office by CLRC management and staff on Friday, 15 May, after undertaking an intensive two year Master’s in Law and Development program at Melbourne University as part of the Australian government Scholarship Awards program which was supported by the Government of PNG.

CLRC Secretary, Dr. Mange Matui, congratulated her, saying he was looking forwarding to working with her as she has a lot to offer to CLRC and the country as far as the core business of reforming laws was concerned.

24yo soars above life’s hurdles

In the presence of her proud and tearful mother, she was admitted to the bar at the Waigani National Court on Friday, 13th December.

From East Sepik Province, she is the youngest of five children born to Yurus and Margaret.

The newly-admitted lawyer reminisced back to happier times in her primary school days, despite facing financial difficulties.

“I’m the last born in the family and sometimes, when I needed things to do my school work, I don’t actually get them because of not enough money,” she shared.


Lawyers not interested: Legislative Council

Two advertisements that had recently gone out did not receive a single interest from any lawyer.  

Second Legislative Council Marleen Toliman Akop says this is quite unfortunate as the office currently needs more manpower.

The Office of the Legislative Council’s role is to prepare all Government legislations, both primary (Acts) and secondary (Regulations) initial and amending for presentation to parliament.

Refugees to seek order to prevent closure

Lawyer for the transferees Ben Lomai said the state was served section 5 notice today (Monday).

“We have served Section 5 Notice on the State this afternoon. The applications will be filed tomorrow (Tuesday) morning,” he said.

Kurdish-Iran journalist Behrouz Boochani tweeted on social media that he was one of those in Lorengau who filed affidavits today supporting the Supreme Court application, which will be filed on Tuesday seeking injunctive orders.

“We hope our lawyers prevent the government (sic) taking refugees out by force & cutting water,” he tweeted.