Passionate Young Advocate

Young lawyer Isabella Kila is a passionate advocate for people with disability and is working to improve their access to justice with support from the Australian government.

Kila, 26, who recently graduated from the Legal Training Institute, has long been active in promoting the rights of young people with disability, including increasing awareness of their circumstances and needs.

She is currently using her considerable talents to help address the many challenges confronting women and girls with disability, particularly those who experience family and sexual violence.

As a person with disability herself, Kila is keen to improve the way the legal system and survivor support services treat people with disability.

“I am a dedicated advocate for people with disability and a lawyer at the same time,” she says.

“I strongly believe that policies should consider all aspects of life for people with disability and promote equal opportunities for all.”

Kila recently presented at a workshop in Port Moresby on the different services available to FSV survivors through the Survivor Advocate Toolkit and Referral Pathway.

She says people with disability who are survivors of family violence face significant additional obstacles in accessing services. Her presentation at the workshop generated important discussions amongst service providers on how to address these issues.

The workshop Kila presented at was organised by the Law and Justice Sector Gender Equity, Disability and Social Inclusion Community of Practice with support through the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership.

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