Passionate Young Advocate

Kila, 26, who recently graduated from the Legal Training Institute, has long been active in promoting the rights of young people with disability, including increasing awareness of their circumstances and needs.

She is currently using her considerable talents to help address the many challenges confronting women and girls with disability, particularly those who experience family and sexual violence.

As a person with disability herself, Kila is keen to improve the way the legal system and survivor support services treat people with disability.

Everyday People PNG : Isabella Kila

 My name is Isabella Kila from Rigo, Central Province and being a person with disabilities has granted me a determination to rise above the noises of doubt and be the person I am today.

I am an advocate passionate about fighting for those like me living with disabilities. I have never regarded my physical being as a limitation to what I dream to achieve, it was more of embracing how strong I truly am as a person gifted by God to help those just like me and others that aren’t.