Everyday People: Gomara Gorua

My name is Gomara Gorua and I come from Boregaina village, Rigo district in Central Province. My mum is from Uritai in Gulf Province, I am the last born in a family of four girls and two boys.

School for me began in the village, with me doing my grades one to six at the Boregaina Community School and we were most probably the last batch of kids that sat for the year six exams.

I then did my grades seven to ten at Kwikila High school and I happy to say that we were the first ones then who took up what is now called Basic Technology.

During my time in high school, there were only four National High Schools - Sogeri, Kerevat, Aiyura and Passam, I believe we were the last unit of students that had the opportunity of a Natscol Scholarship and this was how I made it to Aiyura National High in Eastern Highlands Province.

From Aiyura, I went to UPNG to take up Law and this step was not my first choice as I had interests to take up Medicine, but that did not eventuate. I graduated with a Bachelor of Law with honours, and now practice Law.

Since then I have been in private practice with various law firms in PNG, I spent a year in the Solomon Islands and then returned to the country.

In 2015, after I lost my dear mother, I joined Ela Motors and it is the first company of all the law firms that I have been attached with since losing my mother and I have been with the company for almost six years.

The biggest engagement of my career was my appointment by the Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare to be a part of the team of lawyers in the Finance Inquiry and I would rate this as a major highlight of my career.

I have been practicing law for over 15 years since I was admitted to the bar Apart from my professional working life, I do love to dabble a bit in music and this wonderful art relaxes me after a long day and this has grown in me as a passion.

I do sing and play a bit of keyboard and guitar and have ventured into writing song lyrics to express myself, as music is what I seek to relieve pressures of my work and life in general.

Music has impacted my life positively and recently I attended an awareness for musicians. I am proud of the concept that is engaging local artists to support them in the art that helps put food on their table, and as a lawyer and music lover, I stand in support of music in its entirety and for any cause, that encompasses honesty as well as moral soundness. 

Carol Kidu