Marleen Toliman Akop

Lawyers not interested: Legislative Council

Two advertisements that had recently gone out did not receive a single interest from any lawyer.  

Second Legislative Council Marleen Toliman Akop says this is quite unfortunate as the office currently needs more manpower.

The Office of the Legislative Council’s role is to prepare all Government legislations, both primary (Acts) and secondary (Regulations) initial and amending for presentation to parliament.

Senior Govt officers sign contracts

The Government House yesterday morning hosted the signing ceremony for Police Commissioner Gari Baki, Deputy Chief Censor Jim Abani and Second Legislative Council Marleen Toliman Akop.

Despite not signing their contracts when they took up the jobs two to three years ago, they have been proudly serving the country in their respective capacities. 

For Police Commissioner Gari Baki, he was called back to the office by the National Executive Council in 2015 for a term of 4 years.

“We’ve come out with so many challenges,” said Baki.