Oro Province

Quake, Flood Ravages Oro

Air Niugini and PNG Air flights into the province have been cancelled for a day while most people were warned to stay indoors.

Provincial Administrator, Trevor Magei has confirmed that the epic centre was at Ubo, Safia local level government areas in Ijivitari district on the border of Oro and Central provinces.

He said the Rabaul Volcano Observatory centre, GEO Observatory Hawaii, National Disaster Centre and the Oro Provincial Disaster Centre, confirmed the earthquake measuring 5.3 magnitude on the Richter scale.

VIDEO: No Magistrate in Popondetta

PPC Gerari made the call following the local Magistrates absence from work for several weeks. 


Charmaine Poriambep with more 

VIDEO: Juffa’s willingness

His first priority in office though is restructuring the Oro Administration and Public Service Missionary. 


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Mothers are the backbone of society: Juffa

Juffa was recently a guest of honour at the Mothers Union 65th Anniversary in Northern Province.

Mothers’ representatives came from all over Oro attended the anniversary.

“Mothers are the backbone of this world.

“We are who we are because of mothers ... In Oro just as in many other provinces, the mothers lot is the most difficult and challenging.

“She not only tends to her family but often times is the cornerstone of her society. Working long unforgiving and thankless hours she is resilient and inspirational.”

Link PNG suspends flights to Oro

A statement released this afternoon says the airline’s Popondetta flights for this afternoon and tomorrow morning have been suspended.

“The decision to suspend flights was made following reports that a wet crossing or temporary passage enabling vehicles to safely cross the river has washed away by the heavy rains last night.”

“Flight PX 856 this afternoon and PX 852 scheduled for tomorrow morning have been suspended. The operations of PX 856/857 scheduled for tomorrow afternoon will depend on whether or not the flood continues.”

Oro’s Haijo wet-crossing washed away again

Re-elected Member for Ijivitari David Arore says the wet crossing opened yesterday morning and by night it was washed away.

At this stage he says they will try to find excavator machines to pave the crossing again but it only means Popondetta town is cut off from Girua Airport and the Oro Bay wharf.

Juffa flays Arore’s hot air

Governor Juffa stated that the efforts targeted all illegal businesses and illegal business activities and those illegally stealing land and resources.

He specifically highlighted the sale of expired imported goods and goods labelled in a foreign language and the employment of expat workers in positions reserved for Papua New Guineans.

Governor Juffa stated that the Oro Provincial Government would be financially supporting Oro-owned retailers to operate retail outlets and encourage SMEs with microfinance projects.

Oro takes tough action on illegal traders

 He says they do not in any way contribute to the local economy and most are rude, disrespectful and abusive towards people.

“Their sale of expired food, food sold with foreign language labels and food that's off and unfit for human consumption is part of the reason,” he reasoned.

Oro to check foreigned-owned businesses

Northern Province Governor, Gary Juffa made the decision that shall be brought before the PEC upon a surprise visit to a shop accused by Oro citizens of selling bad food, expired goods, low quality items at inflated prices and in foreign print. The inspection by the Governor revealed that 90 percent of the foreign workers did not speak English.

Ousted MP Arore leads in Ijivitari poll

The count of the primary votes concluded over the weekend and this week, eliminations began and are continuing.

At around midnight last night after exclusion 16, Mr David Arore was leading with 7,602 votes.

United Resource Party candidate and early leader, John Warisan continues to trail in second spot with 5,034 votes.

Incidentally, Mr. Warisan was the complainant in the election bribery case that ousted Mr Arore.