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Q&A Special With Sprigga Mek

How did your journey with music start?

Music for me started at home. My dad had a band back in the day and my late mom was a gifted songwriter so I was exposed to music at an early age. I started "trying" to sing but I realized that was not meant to be so I found it easier to twist and bend words to make them rhyme.

What was the trigger point that made you decide to get into music?

Isaiah Manoa – A Journey Of Musical Fusion

My passion for music grew deeply about 14 years ago. I joined my first band back in Alotau, and that was the start of my musical journey.

I entered myself into a national singing competition where I managed to make it all the way to the finals and this is where I learnt many things about music and singing.

During this competition, I learnt vocal training and the disciplines required into becoming and being a good musician and this helped the growth in my talent.

Paul Turpat: Student by Day, Entertainer by Night

The Tolai lad has made a name for himself with a few singles under his belt. He has appeared on many gigs performing alongside his big brother, Nathan Nakikus.

Cebacazsa started singing in 2013 while a grade ten student at the Saint Mary’s Alumni Secondary School in East New Britain. During their annual Battle of the Band competition in school, he put together a band for the competition that earned them second spot. That was the moment he began his stage performance.

Self Made Musician On The Rise

Known by his stage name as Snyda, the Southern Highlander has made a name for himself within the PNG music industry as a promising talent with a lot to achieve with passion in music.

Snyda comes from a family of avid music listeners and his passion in music started ever since he was a kid.

NZ artist acknowledges PNG roots

Trigarow, also known by his birth name Brent Sause, is from a 

Hip hop artist looking forward to networking in PNG

The young hip hop artist sure knows the importance of keeping family close, by that, we are referring to local musicians. 

Trigarow hopes to network with local musicians while he has the opportunity, over the weekend. 

Responding to Loop PNG via email, the 22-year-old said: “Well Rory Noble and ShotByS.Major will be there with me so I definitely want to network with some of the local artists to show them that it’s real.  

The story behind rocker Nimrod Nadile

And PNG’s most followed talent show has made it easier for the rock genre to be comfortably associated with the name Nimrod.

Yes, he is a rocker and one of PNG’s finest, as described by the judging panel of both local and international guest judges.

His love for rock started at an early age when he came across PETRA - a Christian hard rock band, which he says has been his greatest influence.

Another Aizuwe make a mark in art

Originally from Kurumbukari in Madang Province, one of the Aizuwe siblings, Makali had advance to greater heights in rugby league and is now on contract playing  in England for more than a decade now。

Makali’s elder brother Chris Aizuwe adorned the Kumul jumper in the late 1990s, and the one before, Makali, Nick has had stints with the Goroka Lahanis for a number of seasons as a dummy-half specialist.

Apart from the rugby league limelight, Nick has taken the Aizuwe name-tag to another career path, and that is in art.