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Laku Mic, New Beginnings

Music producer/singer real name 'Micka Talvat jnr,' or commonly known as ‘Laku Mic’ is now back and preparing to re-enter the music arena with the release of new songs produced by his new record company, Insisght Records.

He produced music for 6ix7five Entertainment prior to his break. Due to personal circumstances, he chose to stop creating music.

“I’ve been listening to music that’s been put out there and I believe as artists we have a part to play in the messages we put out in our songs.”

New Ireland artist in jail

Popular New Ireland musician, Jason Suisui, known by his stage name ‘Jayrex’ was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for breaching his probation conditions.

At the Criminal Sitting of the National Court of Justice at Namatanai, Suisui, of Bo village in Namatanai district was convicted of one count of unlawful wounding, and was sentenced on May 11, 2022 to six months’ imprisonment but wholly suspended with conditions.

He, however, breached his probation conditions, particularly in not keeping the peace and of good behaviour.

Self Made Musician On The Rise

Known by his stage name as Snyda, the Southern Highlander has made a name for himself within the PNG music industry as a promising talent with a lot to achieve with passion in music.

Snyda comes from a family of avid music listeners and his passion in music started ever since he was a kid.

Coke Studio opens avenues for artists

For artists who think of reaching audiences beyond the Pacific Ocean, it’s about seizing the perfect opportunity. 
And few of such opportunities arise through platforms like the Coke Studio.  
Coke Studio is an international music franchise which features live studio-recorded music performances by established and emerging artists.
Trend Media, in partnership with Coca-Cola, introduced this into PNG last year. 
In its second year now, the platform and artists are growing together. 

Metal Fest to rock Port Moresby

Especially for Port Moresby, it will be a night dedicated to pure heavy metal music, a first of such.

And we’re talking seven local bands this time, according to organiser Carmel Pilotti.

“Black Ops is the headliner. They’ve played the biggest metal gig so far at the Pacific Games opening ceremony. That’s the first time heavy metal was played live to a mainstream crowd.

What local artists think about music industry in PNG

This question has recently resurfaced with Tati Mangi PNG’s controversial music video attracting attention to the industry.

The obvious truth stands that this industry is one underachieved and has been struggling for decades.

And like Tati, all musicians hope the government will extend its hand for a little boost.

Here’s what some had to say about the industry:

Stud Cruzer from Planet Native

Tati Mangi PNG set to release second album

Currently in its final stages, Tati says the album will consists of 10 songs which he recorded under Panakatsu Studios.

The album makeup is of traditional/culture songs, reggae and covering issues and situations in PNG such as corruption and unemployment, as well as some love element.

His first album was released in 2013 also under the Panakatsu Studios, for which he got the Album of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards at the 2014 Yumi FM Music Awards.

Music video “Bootylicious” attracting attention on Social Media

Tati Mangi PNG’s “Bootylicious” music video has attracted a lot of attention since being uploaded on Youtube last week.

The video has been shared on Facebook numerous times and has been the focus of backlash from many.

But the negative reaction is not about the music though. Comments have been directed at the young women featured in the video, who are seen dancing in swimwear in some parts of the film.

Comments were based around having no dignity and self-respect and willing to be objectified.

However, it’s not all negative.

Celebration of a Legend, A Bit Na Ta

This message was stressed by one of PNG’s legendary musicians, George Telek.

He is one of the Papua New Guinea singers to have gained international following with his local music style and has successfully recorded albums overseas.

Speaking to Loop entertainment, Telek touched on his latest international album A Bit Na Ta meaning “Celebration of a Legend” in local Kuanua.

“This album is for the international market and brings traditional sound – music of my roots Tolai.

Modern Ambuge makes it big for Engan music artist

Lyrics of Modern Ambuge was written by Jonathan F. Karato, who hails from Kamas village in Wabag district, Enga Province, but resides at Morata, NCD.

Karato, who currently works as a safety trainer at the remote Basamuk Refinery in Rai Coast district, Madang Province was on his field break in Port Moresby when his song hit the airwaves and gained entry into the PNG Top 20 music chart.

“I was shocked and very excited when I heard the song while riding on the bus from Waigani to Boroko,” Karato said.