Music video “Bootylicious” attracting attention on Social Media

What’s trending…PNG! It’s a new music video.

Tati Mangi PNG’s “Bootylicious” music video has attracted a lot of attention since being uploaded on Youtube last week.

The video has been shared on Facebook numerous times and has been the focus of backlash from many.

But the negative reaction is not about the music though. Comments have been directed at the young women featured in the video, who are seen dancing in swimwear in some parts of the film.

Comments were based around having no dignity and self-respect and willing to be objectified.

However, it’s not all negative.

Some close friends of the women have been quick to the defence, publicly posting in support of the video.

“My sisters looking awesome and appreciating their body,” one said, when sharing a snapshot of the video.

The Youtube video has had 3 760 views already since being uploaded on March 9, 2017.

Gloria Bauai