A young man’s mission to change inspire youths

It has the power to change attitudes and mindsets whilst at the same time evoke vivid emotions and memories from people’s lives, which can be mirrored to reflect upon change.

For young Oberth Patal, giving up on life and society is no option. Of a mixed parentage of Bougainville and Madang, he has always been fond of music throughout his life. Oberth left school in the middle of Grade 11. He now lives in Matugar Village along Madang’s North Coast, where his father is from.

Gold Entertainment Ltd launched

Event organizers were proud to launch Gold Entertainment Limited, a new company joining the music industry to boost exposure of local music artists.

“I’m launching my company ‘The Gold Entertainment Ltd’. It focuses on being an agent for singers and organizes events for singers,” said company Director Samuel Lupo.

For the last four to five years, Lupo shared that he worked with many singers behind the scenes. It was time to step out.  He aims for 2023 to be a year of change in the music industry.

GoLoud – The Ultimate Audio Experience

GoLoud as the adverts say, is the ultimate audio experience where you can listen to the best music on radio, the most popular podcasts from around the world and those closer to home plus exclusive music playlists to suit your mood and vibe all in the one app. 

Everyday People PNG: John Ani Murray

For the longest time I have been involved in music and it has taken me on many a journey, may it be educational, to promote awareness or just to have a great time.

Music as quoted by Plato, “Amongst the gifts God has sent, music is one of the best, which reaches the inner soul of a person. Makes you laugh, cry, dance and smile. Universal language for all”.

In my musical journey through the years, I have been lucky enough to meet wonderful musicians avid to the full in their craft. I am a flute player at heart and play the occasional saxophone or keyboard.


Music the way forward for change

And Secretary Anna Solomon says the department will work closely with musicians for this.

The department and the Ministry for Youth Religion and Community Development will be big on public advocacy and awareness on social issues, to curb law and order statistics in the country.

All media platforms will be used towards this effort.

Solomon and Minister Soroi Eoe are recognising the power of music in this area.

“I know this group of young people will help us get the message out,” she said.

Musicians need an association: Chief censor

This is also a dream for many musicians, who have been looking to the PNG Censorship Board and the government to assist them with.

But Mala says the formation of an association has to be an independent one, free from government interference.

He says if an association is in place, it will be responsible in making sure artists work within set guidelines.

For now, he says the absence of an association, and the availability of technology at anyone’s grip, is posing a big challenge to both the regulatory body and the artists.

Offensive music will be banned: Chief Censor

Since the ban on music by Wild Pack band, his office has banned three more songs on the airwaves.

A circular released on January 10 advised media houses and entertainment venues such as nightclubs and bars, of the ban on:

Hidden gorge turned into natural amphitheater

Ormiston Gorge, 130 kilometres west of Alice Springs in the West MacDonnell National Park, became a natural amphitheatre for the concert.

It was one of the final events for the 10-day Desert Song Festival, and director Morris Stuart said it was a big turnout.

"The crowd is up and happy and positive, so it's a wonderful way to round off the 2017 Desert Song Festival," he said.

"I think we had well over 1,000 people here today which put a bit of pressure on us, but logistics apart, beautiful afternoon, wonderful contribution from singers and from musicians as well.

Nina Nesbitt returns with Rihanna's backing

It's after Nina's song got sent to the star's management, who said they loved what she'd written.

"Apparently she (Rihanna) said it was beautiful and it gave me a confidence boost. It made me think, 'Maybe I'm alright at this after all.'"

Nina is now back with her first full album in three years.

In that time she's changed record label and has spent a lot of time "hiding away in a little cave in a little studio" like a "gremlin".

Pink: ban racism, sexism - all the isms'

Pink returned to the pop world in August with her single, What About Us, which she says was inspired in part by the state of current world politics.

She released her sixth album, The Truth About Love in 2012, when Barack Obama was the US president.

Her seventh, Beautiful Trauma, is released in October among political unrest in America and across the world.

But as an artist who has recorded anthems for underdogs throughout her career with hits such as Don't Let Me Get Me, Raise Your Glass and So What, she says she is still fighting "an old fight."