Tati Mangi PNG

Bellylicious, remake of Bootylicious

Yes! You read that correctly.

Bellylicious is the remake version of the controversial music video Bootylicious by local hiphop artist Tati Mangi PNG.

The Bellylicious remake is by the radio personalities of radio station, 99.5 Rait FM.  

The video sees Loqie posing as Tati while Bata Rat, Bata Kiings, and Elton dance beside him, in their version of swim wear.

But in what Tati would sing: baby girl come rub it rub it on me, Loqie sings: Bata Kiings got a bigger belly than me.

Exciting news for Tati’s fans

Because he is not taking a break.

The singer, whose music video became the centre of debate this month, has announced exciting news for loyal fans and new fans.

He has new songs coming out!

Pabeke is about PNG’s social constraints through the eyes of a rebellious youth affected by the government systems and negativity of the society.

Rabaul Beauty is about the beautiful Frangipani town but expressed as a love song to a beautiful woman,” he said.

Chief Censor: Maintain decency in music content

The body, under the Vision 2050, is responsible for regulating lyrics and production of music videos in the country.

Although no specific measures have been taken in this regard over the years, as the institution responsible, the Censorship Board, still has a hand in the music industry.

Therefore, the reminder was made following the controversial music video of local artist Tati Mangi PNG that had the country morally divided.

“We don’t want people to think we’re against musicians,” the Senior Censor, Steven Mala said.

Tati Mangi: Minister Gore must provide platform for artists

While he has no grudges against the Censorship Board and the Minister responsible, he has one appeal to the office of the Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development:

“Help the music industry and provide a good platform for upcoming artists.”

Tati says at the moment, there is no direction and without help, artists are coming up with anything.

“This is a long time issue. We struggle with piracy, there’s no stable industry or platform to boost creativity and no awareness on copyright, etc.

Tati defends new music video

That’s how Tati Mangi PNG is taking in the reaction of the public towards his new music video Bootylicious.

He was bold to start off in the beginning and has been holding his front, not backing down from the negativity it has attracted.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Tati said critics will always have something to say.

“If it causes one to lose their job or stirs up a warfare, that’s when it’s a problem. People have their own perception of the song so get what you want from there,” said the local artist.

Tati Mangi PNG set to release second album

Currently in its final stages, Tati says the album will consists of 10 songs which he recorded under Panakatsu Studios.

The album makeup is of traditional/culture songs, reggae and covering issues and situations in PNG such as corruption and unemployment, as well as some love element.

His first album was released in 2013 also under the Panakatsu Studios, for which he got the Album of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards at the 2014 Yumi FM Music Awards.