Tati defends new music video

People have their own judgement.

That’s how Tati Mangi PNG is taking in the reaction of the public towards his new music video Bootylicious.

He was bold to start off in the beginning and has been holding his front, not backing down from the negativity it has attracted.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Tati said critics will always have something to say.

“If it causes one to lose their job or stirs up a warfare, that’s when it’s a problem. People have their own perception of the song so get what you want from there,” said the local artist.

“Music is my vision, my passion and my expression. And whatever negativity will not change the direction of my music.”

He also addressed the many body shaming comments made towards the women featured in the video.

“These are women who are confident of how they are, they’re not afraid to flaunt themselves and not holding back but stepping into the unknown. Adding to that, it’s not the first time you see a woman in swimwear. They walk down runways even here so why are we shying away,” Tati added.

On a broader scale, he talked about music and the support in the country.

“Let’s not criticise our musicians. There is already a lack of support from the government.

“Allow youths to express themselves for the good and the bad. And support the musicians.

“We really need government support because not everyone is built for sport. Why not invest in other talents like music?”

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Gloria Bauai