Tati Mangi: Minister Gore must provide platform for artists

While he has no grudges against the Censorship Board and the Minister responsible, he has one appeal to the office of the Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development:

“Help the music industry and provide a good platform for upcoming artists.”

Tati says at the moment, there is no direction and without help, artists are coming up with anything.

“This is a long time issue. We struggle with piracy, there’s no stable industry or platform to boost creativity and no awareness on copyright, etc.

Bootylicious banned from being broadcast

This has been imposed by the Minister for Religion, Youth & Community Development Delilah Gore.

The music video sparked a huge debate on social media early this month and was brought to the attention of the Censorship board of PNG.

But with no board in place, the music video was forwarded to the office of the minister for Religion, Youth & Community Development to make the decision.

Tati Mangi PNG set to release second album

Currently in its final stages, Tati says the album will consists of 10 songs which he recorded under Panakatsu Studios.

The album makeup is of traditional/culture songs, reggae and covering issues and situations in PNG such as corruption and unemployment, as well as some love element.

His first album was released in 2013 also under the Panakatsu Studios, for which he got the Album of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards at the 2014 Yumi FM Music Awards.

Music video “Bootylicious” attracting attention on Social Media

Tati Mangi PNG’s “Bootylicious” music video has attracted a lot of attention since being uploaded on Youtube last week.

The video has been shared on Facebook numerous times and has been the focus of backlash from many.

But the negative reaction is not about the music though. Comments have been directed at the young women featured in the video, who are seen dancing in swimwear in some parts of the film.

Comments were based around having no dignity and self-respect and willing to be objectified.

However, it’s not all negative.

ENB set for New Year bash

The pair will be performing on New Year’s Eve at Club Skowies supported by female singer Delma Minei and EQF Band.

Tati will perform hit songs from his first solo album ‘Ana Apa’ including So Fine, PNG Girl, S.O.E and Give It to Me.

Anslom is expected to belt out hits like Member, Coconut Pine, Only and Sexy Lovin. 

The public is invited to be part of the party with tickets selling at all Skowhegan for K30 pre-sold while it will be K40 at the gate.