Grim Jordan’s Journey

Going by the pseudonym ‘Grim Jordan’ on social media, the Brisbane-based artist found that he was swimming against a tide of medical bills, food and hospital fees associated with his late mother’s treatment.

Being a student, the only way to make some money and assist his mother was to use his platform to reach out for public assistance, with his first Facebook posting on August 2nd, 2022, that the late Amelia Wattz “was in so much pain and agony”, and “she was prescribed Panadol to cope”.

Mystic Dance of the Tubuan Mask Culture

He achieved this in a mesmerizing acrylic painting titled "Tolai Tubuan Masks: Swing to the Kundu Drums."

Toule's painting masterfully depicts five Tolai Tubuan Masks engaged in traditional dance, bringing to life the spiritual essence and cultural richness of this age-old practice.

The artist's creative journey unfolded between October first and October seventh, resulting in a visually striking portrayal of a tradition that bridges the gap between the past and the present.

Everyday People: Michael Kole – Art is Life

I live and work as an artist at the Eight Mile Centre for Art, we artists band together in creating wonderfully inspiring pieces that engage the interested eye in the world of art.

In my area of art, I like to delve in the works of creating sculptors and at present have produced some in painting and screen printing as well, and being with the Centre I feel my future is looking positive.

Since 2013, I have been with the centre dedicating my time and effort to building my skillset and in turn contributing by teaching those willing to learn from me.

Everyday People: Michelle Koete

I have a passion for arts and culture and recently I have taken to painting as a form of learning in expressing myself as an amateur artist and to make ends meet with the end results for the sake of my children’s education and well-being.

In high school, I loved arts so much, every aspect of it whether it be making things, drama, singing or dancing, and as I grew I developed a connection with painting that required more practice over time.

Everyday People: Martin Rawali

My love for music created the well-known Azzimbah Band back in the 80s and after some time I decided to go solo.

I formed the Froggies Band a while after performing at bars and hotels building a repertoire of local favorites that are still a hit whenever played on either the airwaves or stages.

As an artist, music has helped me a lot in ways to putting food on the table, paying bills and getting my kids through school and of course being recognized as an artist on local and international platforms.

PNG’s first female solo exhibition

The exhibition, set for one night only, will be held at the Royal Papua Yacht Club on November 14. 

Fifty works of art, studies and techniques culminate for the first time a large body of work shown by a single Papua New Guinean female artist in PNG.

“I hope to bring focus to PNG’s simplicity in people, places and things that may seem common or typical, but have an aesthetic beauty about it, and I mean not just culture,” Ms Leahy said.

Pacific mourns the loss of a great artist

Alo, who is President of Samoa Arts Council, passed away after a battle with cancer on Tuesday.

The council’s Vice President, Vanya Taulelo says it is a great loss for the council and Pacific as a whole as Alo worked hard for arts and Pacific culture.

“Allan (Alo) worked tirelessly for the arts and especially for the performing arts as he was passionate about his Samoan culture and the culture of the Pacific people.”

The afterlives of famous artists

What even fewer people realize is that following his death in 1973, it took six years -- and $30 million -- to settle matters between seven heirs and deal with his legacy.

When an established artist dies, what happens to the art? Family squabbles and long legal battles, often spanning decades, can paint a picture of greed that puts soap operas to shame.

French artist turns chicken for three-week egg hatching

How? By incubating 10 eggs with his own body heat.

He will live inside a glass vivarium until his charges hatch, watched by visitors to the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris.

Poincheval expects the process to last between 21 and 26 days.

"I will, broadly speaking, become a chicken," he said.

The artist, 44, began the performance - titled "Oeuf" (Egg) - on Wednesday.

Rather than sitting on the eggs directly, he is deploying a chair with a container under its seat.

Tati defends new music video

That’s how Tati Mangi PNG is taking in the reaction of the public towards his new music video Bootylicious.

He was bold to start off in the beginning and has been holding his front, not backing down from the negativity it has attracted.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Tati said critics will always have something to say.

“If it causes one to lose their job or stirs up a warfare, that’s when it’s a problem. People have their own perception of the song so get what you want from there,” said the local artist.