Chief Censor

Censorship Board is responsible for music and video content

The body made a stand last year to work closely with production houses to closely monitor the content of music by local artists.

Following up on this, Mala revealed that not much focus was given to the industry, to date.

However he said, recruitment has been completed in 2017 so work should commence this year.

Mala reiterated that work by artists should be screened by the Censorship Board before being aired.

He said another circular will be sent to media houses going forward.

Filter internet exposure for children: Official

Chief Censor Steven Mala said as part of addressing the issue of censorship and protecting children from harmful content, the Censorship Office has rolled out a schools awareness program in NCD and Central Province.

“Technology is not all that bad and creating a positive mindset for our children is important,” says the Chief Censor.

Speaking on positive behaviour change through music, arts, media and sports, he said it was part of Censorship Office vision 2050 to regulate the music industry.

Chief Censor: Maintain decency in music content

The body, under the Vision 2050, is responsible for regulating lyrics and production of music videos in the country.

Although no specific measures have been taken in this regard over the years, as the institution responsible, the Censorship Board, still has a hand in the music industry.

Therefore, the reminder was made following the controversial music video of local artist Tati Mangi PNG that had the country morally divided.

“We don’t want people to think we’re against musicians,” the Senior Censor, Steven Mala said.

Censorship Board to execute operational plan

The Annual Operational Plan provides a guideline for each of its divisions to follow and execute their work plans.

 Chief Censor, Steven Mala states that about 80 percent of the programs are ongoing whilst 20 percent represent new initiatives and outstanding activities carried forward from previous years.

Mala pointed out that the main constraint would be funding however, it should not be used as an excuse for not attaining any real time results.

Mala reappointed as Chief Censor for another 4 years

 The announcement was formally announced by Deputy Chief Censor, Jim Abani at the general staff for the Censorship Office today.

The appointment was made through as gazetted in the National Gazette by the Governor General under section 14(1) of the Classification of Publication (Censorship) Act 1989 and section 6 of the Regulation Statutory Authorities (Appointment to certain Officers) Act 2014, which commenced on 9th July, 2015.