Self Made Musician On The Rise

Schneider Yasi is an upcoming singer with already a bag of singles in the PNG airwaves.

Known by his stage name as Snyda, the Southern Highlander has made a name for himself within the PNG music industry as a promising talent with a lot to achieve with passion in music.

Snyda comes from a family of avid music listeners and his passion in music started ever since he was a kid.

He started singing in school assemblies but did not take his interest in music to another level until 2013, when he was attending the University of Papua New Guinea that he decided to audition for the Vocal Fusion Season 1. That was the first time he took his singing seriously. After then he started singing in live bands around Pom while working.

Snyda later on started a band with some of his friends called Vintage and recorded their first single called ‘Feel’.

In 2020, he decided to become a solo artist, recording under his stage name as Snyda.

His inspiration started out with American pop star, Chris Brown. Many different artists both local and international in the likes of Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, NOTD, Doja Cat, DPJ, Kronos and Estapacifica also inspire him.

After becoming a solo artist, Snyda has so far released three singles called Tell Me What You Really Want, Repera, and Anda Kagua. He is currently working on a single featuring other talented singers in the country.

The Southern Highlander is looking to release his first EP by next year. His songs can be found on his YouTube channel.




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Joachim Lolok, UPNG Journalism Student