George Telek

George Telek fundraiser to be hosted

In April 2018, Telek was diagnosed with terminal cancer on his mouth and needed immediate medical attention. Through the help of Lamana Gold Club and PNGFM LTD through its radio stations NAUFM, YUMIFM & LEGENDFM, a fundraiser was held and funds were raised towards this.

“The operation was successful and we are thankful,” said PNGFM.

“However, he needs additional funds to go back for reconstructive mouth surgery by June. We need to raise K80,000 for this.”

Therefore a fundraiser featuring the Painim Wok Band will be hosted in two weeks’ time.

Well-wishers gather at Telek concert

The artist was recently diagnosed with mouth cancer.

Lamana hotel as well as major sponsors PNGFM and supporting artists have all come on board to pledge support to the musician to help in get funding for his treatment.

The night was a celebration of the PNG Music Legend through a mix of musical entertainment with fans and well-wishers reveling in the opportunity to give back to Telek.

Present to entertain the crowd were fellow Tolai artists Saii Kay, Uralom Kania, Patti Potts Doi and the Masterpiece band.

This weekend in POM

So who’s in for a musical feast this weekend?

Loop PNG lifestyle brings to you most-talked-about events over the weekend in Port Moresby.

The Cosmoplitan

Setting the celebratory mood with the Mardi Gras last night, February 23, The Cosmopolitan brings the Melanesian flavour back with Sharzy’s Pacific Bash.

This is the first leg of his Pacific Tour where the Solomon Island artist will feature local PNG musicians tonight, February 24.

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Celebration of a Legend, A Bit Na Ta

This message was stressed by one of PNG’s legendary musicians, George Telek.

He is one of the Papua New Guinea singers to have gained international following with his local music style and has successfully recorded albums overseas.

Speaking to Loop entertainment, Telek touched on his latest international album A Bit Na Ta meaning “Celebration of a Legend” in local Kuanua.

“This album is for the international market and brings traditional sound – music of my roots Tolai.

Telek to perform at Regal Bar and Grill tomorrow night

Telek, will be performing all his old hits including some new songs like Ebes abul vlas and Bestie NCR on Friday, February 24.

This will be his first appearance on Regal’s stage as well as his first performance for the year, 2017.

The singer/musician from East New Britain is calling on his fans throughout Port Moresby to come along for the concert.

“This is a good spot and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night; I hope a lot of people will come,” he said.

He arrived in Port Moresby today from his home province.

Silencer to release third album

Band leader Rusiat Wakit confirms that the band is working towards releasing its third album towards the second week of March this year.

The band of five entered the scene in 2011 with the first album recorded under Latitude Zero Productions (LZP) and then in 2013, released the second album, recorded under the same label.

Music videos to both albums were done by Vagrants productions.

After three years, Silencer will be hitting the airwaves with new tunes again, some of which we already have.

Silencer Band set to rock party goers

Band leader Rusiat Wakit confirmed this, saying that Telek couldn’t make his flight today.

Wakit said Telek was attending to matters back home in Duke of York.

But he promised that the band will also perform some of Telek’s song for his fans.

Wakit also added that this is the first gig of the band for 2017, made possible by the bar and LZP.

He said the full five members including him will take the stage around 7 tonight to give party-goers a good night.