Everyday People PNG: Margeret Isaac

My name is Margaret Isaac. I’m from Ialibu, Southern Highlands and I have three children.

I used to sell small second hand clothes, and then I came to Goroka and continued to market. I had come to Port Moresby for a church gathering, and I stayed. I continued to do my marketing, and when I had enough money, in brought my three children to Moresby.

I attend United Pentecostal Church at Erima. I was staying there when I first came to Moresby.

God blessed us with the little money from my market, and I was able to purchase a block of land here at Taurama. None of my children are working yet. They all completed grade 12, but did not get any offer to a tertiary institution. However we continue to survive from my market sales. I sell eggs, second hand clothes for children and I make bilums to sell. 

COVID-19 has impacted my marketing also and we struggle these days. The little money we have, we consume it. We are barely surviving.

We also haven’t built a proper house yet on our block of land. We only put up iron roofing to shelter us. There is no electricity and no water. The block is on the mountain so it’s hard for us to bring water up. We fetch and leave our water at the bottom of the hill, and move up and down to use the water.

Frieda Kana