Everyday People: Moses Pek

Moses Pek is owner of a small taxi business in Port Moresby. He comes from the border of Western Highlands and Jiwaka but he says his gives his vote to Jiwaka so he considers himself from Jiwaka.

“I came to Moresby with Island Mobile Hire Cars. (The owner) brought us as security for the company so he built us permanent houses and told us to stay here and take care of his land. Now I had been here for 7 years. The owner of Mobile Hire Cars told us to start some small business activities to cater for ourselves, while he will continue to provide us with basic food for the house.

My wife and I started a small business of cooking mumu kaukau and selling at the Manu market. I peel and cook the kaukau and my wife takes them to sell.

We would wake up at 2am and cook the kaukau in the mumu (ground oven). Then at 5am, my wife goes to the market. We did this until we were able to save K3000.

Then I saw Air Niugini put out tenders for used vehicles and I applied for a car for K3000 and I won it. I used to do taxi rounds for a year and made some money so I decided to buy another car at the cost of K10,000. It was a Toyota Vista. It was from the initial K3,000 car I bought which I saved up to K10,000 and I bought the new car. It was also a second hand vehicle.

After two years, I bought another car similar to this. Later I applied for a loan from the Women’s Micro bank and again bought another car. After I completed repaying the loan last year, I bought this new car in April 2021 but I had to sell the other two cars. I am still holding onto two of them. 

I live in Vadavada and this is our bus stop. This is where we normally stay and conduct our small business activities. My taxis are here at Manu but I go to any parts of the city. I have my passengers and if they need assistance, they would call me on my phone number.”

Frieda Kana