Island Mobile Hire Cars

St John receive new ambulance

The donation of this new vehicle is set to bolster medical emergency response in the National Capital District and Central Province, allowing St John Ambulance to continue its life-saving mission.

The vehicle valued at around K170,000 was delivered to St John on June 4, 2023. It is fitted with essential medical equipment and supplies and will play a crucial role in saving lives. 

CEO of SJA Matt Cannon said Ambulance vehicles are fundamental tools that enhance the ability of workers to save lives.

Everyday People: Moses Pek

“I came to Moresby with Island Mobile Hire Cars. (The owner) brought us as security for the company so he built us permanent houses and told us to stay here and take care of his land. Now I had been here for 7 years. The owner of Mobile Hire Cars told us to start some small business activities to cater for ourselves, while he will continue to provide us with basic food for the house.

My wife and I started a small business of cooking mumu kaukau and selling at the Manu market. I peel and cook the kaukau and my wife takes them to sell.