Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG : Nathan Nakikus

For over 10 years I have grown so much lyrically in my music and as an artist. One of my proudest moments in my musical career would be when my song “Don’t waste my time” landed 16th in the top20’s of Australia’s Island music Chart.

My music has evolved so much and I have learnt even more over the years. I produce my own music and I have worked with many amazingly talented artists. Some of my productions had me working alongside Anslom Nakikus and the Radazz band.

Everyday People PNG : Andrew Kuliniasi

For so long I have envisioned to do a story that entails the length one has to go through to get their status in society recognised and understood. I am, as many would say, very different in my standing as a human being.

I advocate awareness programs through the plays I produce in hopes that it will reach to the core of someone or people who have been in denial and never knew they needed a channel to break free.

Everyday People PNG : Francis Mero

I am from Gulf and Southern Highlands provinces and I’ve lived in Port Moresby for 25 years, since 1995.

“I have been working for the Lamana Hotel for nearly 5 years now. So far so good. I love working here because of all the people I come across every day. I get to know people, like my own staff because I lead a team of security guards so I am working with different characters (of people) and I get to know how people think. In the hotel, I deal with customers, different kinds of customers and their expectations.

Everyday People PNG : Oravita Igitora

“I have lived in Port Moresby for 26 years after moving here from my village in Eastern Highlands Province to continue my education. Unfortunately, I did not pass on to do grade 11 so I started looking for jobs.”

“My first job was with City Pharmacy Limited, after that I stayed at home for a bit then went to work at a hire car company. After the hire car job I stayed at home a bit before coming to work for RH Hypermart. I have been with them for 3 years now. “

Everyday People PNG: Linda Tule

I was appointed in 2002, at Tokarara, June Valley. The chairman at the time was told by the Department of Justice that he had to have females in his village court or else they would not allow his court to function. He saw me reading a bible in the church one day, and must have said to himself, “This could be an ideal lady to be a village court magistrate.”

Everyday People PNG : Danagi Lea

I work here at Sanctuary Hotel since 2019.

I work here but I like our bosses, how they take care of us and how we work.

I have accommodation here. I am married and I have a child.

I thank my company boss because he gave us accommodation free of charge, we don’t pay anything, and transport free of charge for pick up and drop off company provides that.

We can leave our children in a good house where it’s got running water and electricity.

We also have staff meals provided by the company free of charge.

Everyday People PNG : Rocky Roe

Hello my name is Lawrence Roe but everyone knows me all too well as Rocky Roe. I was born in Adelaide in 1947.

I first came to PNG in 1976 as a mechanical fitter working for Bougainville Copper, then in 1979 I moved to Port Moresby working as a photographer. The pay wasn’t half as good but being in the city was much more exciting as it beat living in a single men’s quarters. 

Everyday People PNG : Arthur Gini

I also started a small printing business so I’m doing printing, photocopying and typing and it has really helped me financially. I have been helping a lot of youths in the community in finding employment, by writing their Letter of Interest, CV and their character references. Most are now employed so I’m happy for them.

I have two siblings, a brother and a sister and I am the last born. Since the passing away of my Dad this year, I have to be strong for my mom and the family. I had to help mom in running the PMV business we have.

Everyday People PNG : Isabella Kila

 My name is Isabella Kila from Rigo, Central Province and being a person with disabilities has granted me a determination to rise above the noises of doubt and be the person I am today.

I am an advocate passionate about fighting for those like me living with disabilities. I have never regarded my physical being as a limitation to what I dream to achieve, it was more of embracing how strong I truly am as a person gifted by God to help those just like me and others that aren’t.

Everyday People PNG : Asi Pailea

My story is one I like to recall a lot as it was when my life’s path led me to my calling in the ministry. I came to know God in 1997 when I was just a young girl with no direction. I chose to live as I wanted and didn’t know that God had a plan set in motion for me.