Everyday People PNG : Francis Hahepa

I am Francis Hahepa, I’m in my fifties and I am from Paivela village in the West Kerema area of the Gulf province. I used to work with G4S before but left to help out my fellow landowners with a court case.

My wife is a teacher. I have five children, and 15 grandchildren, and that’s a lot. It’s always good to have them with me.

My family and I live at Joyce Bay, we have a block of land there. Today I came with my clansmen to hear the final decision of the court case we have with the logging company that is logging in our area. We noticed some discrepancies with our payments and hired an accountant to look at our payments and we realized that they were not paying premium without royalty payments. We landowners have been cheated out of some of our royalty payments for a while now. We first took our case to court in 2015 and have been going back and forth with the courts for all this time until now.

Melissa Wokasup