Everyday People: Ian Taukuro

Meet the ultimate rockstar from beautiful Morobe and Milne Bay Province, Ian Taukuro.

Ian Taukuro is not your average type of performer and despite his indirect want to be pegged as a non-professional rock singer, the fans and the attention he has gained from his social media platforms begged to differ.

Ian does have his day job but nothing supersedes the passion that emanates from his amazing singing voice.

From the comfort of his home, he records his videos and uploads them to his YouTube, Instagram and Facebook page.

The feedback to his videos have been of high praise from PNG artists and musicians and fellow Papua New Guineans but the one that takes the cake is that of the TOTO tribute that he was part of.

The video has received thousands of views and the count continues as people all over the country and overseas are amazed by such talent encapsulated in the tribute. Ian was star struck by the experience saying what a thrill to be mentioned in the same sentence as legendary Lenny Castro. 

Ian has been applauded on social media platforms for his musical journey so far and there will be more rocking moments to come from this Siassi fella.

Carol Kidu