Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG : Peter Charles Yama

We went to the Independence Hill and participated in the lowering and raising of the flag.

After some years, I went back to Madang.

Whilst in Madang, I always saw Sir Michael and family frequently coming to Madang.

I thought why Madang, when he’s from Wewak?

But, then, I realized that Sir Michael loves the people of Madang very much and many of his followers and friends are from Madang.

When discussing with late Kagi Angi, he told me that him and Somare started their political career together back in the 1960s.

Everyday People PNG : Belden Norman Namah

I was a small boy and still can recall people dancing and singing cultural songs.

Everyone was so happy about this very important event.

As I grew up, I realized that the event the people are celebrating was on September 16, 1975.

Many people congregated at Bewani station and one of my uncles carried me on his shoulder, to get a glimpse of what was happening.

I can hear the people singing a famous song sung by the Sepiks as “Michael Somare tok na Independence kam lo PNG.”

And that’s how I got to know the name Michael Thomas Somare.

Everyday People PNG : Christopher Tep

I was a public servant but for some years now I have left public service and am doing my own little SME business of developing and selling a liquid fertilizer.

It is a formula I created locally and it’s purely organic so I named it, “Grow Hariap”. It is now available to the agriculture and farmers in Papua New Guinea and being sold in Brian Bell stories in Port Moresby and Lae. It will soon be out in other Brian Bell Centres in the coming months. 

Everyday People PNG : Catherine Zoromota

 My family lives in Madang but I live in Port Moresby because I wanted to pursue education opportunities. 

I completed my grade 10 at Holy Spirit Secondary in 2017 but I didn’t make it into grade 11. But I really want to continue my formal education and when I found the opportunity to come here to Port Moresby to baby sit for my sister, I took it and came. Due to school fee issues I stayed out of school for two years. I continued to stay with my sister, helping to take care of her children.

Everyday People PNG : Melissa Tatut

I remember the first picture I uploaded was of an Air Niugini aircraft taking off at the Madang Airport.

The first day I got 169 likes on my page and a 100-plus likes on my picture so that was a boost for that time.

And then, it just started growing like wildfire. Every month, I’d get a thousand likes; within five months I gained around 5,000. By the end of 2015, I had around 7,000 likes.

As of February 2021, Niugini Photographs has 50,000 Facebook followers.

Everyday People PNG : Mama Ellis

I used to live in Port Moresby with my husband and children until he died in 1989.

We went home to the highlands region but there was no opportunity there for me so I came to the city, looking to make a living.

My daughter would spend the day at random places or with friends while at night, I would leave her with security guards. They would keep an eye on her and ensure her safety within the premises whilst my group and I would get empty cartons and place them on the pavement to sleep.

Everyday People PNG : Martha Rumbage

Yako Village, which I am from, was destroyed and my whole family and clan fled to neighbouring areas in Southern Highlands out of fear.

We carried our children and walked long distances to seek haven with extended family members.

Since the cease fire in 2020, I have returned and we are slowly rebuilding our lives.

I am happy to be back in my village.

Everyday People PNG : Charles Abel


“I was fortunate enough to listen in many occasions as Sir Cecil Abel and Sir Michael discuss over a cup of tea in the mornings, talking about the PANGU Pati, talking about the future of this nation and also sharing a few jokes.”

“It was amazing to listen to and I have the opportunity as the Member of Parliament when I came-in in 2007 to serve under him as Prime Minister.”

“It was my honour and privilege.”

“We reflect on his life and of course express our condolences sincerely.”

Everyday People PNG : Thyatira Kaupa

In 2015 I wrote my first book called ‘Fallen Angel’ which was a nightwing fanfiction and I wrote another one with the same title which was published in 2017 on Wattpad.

So far my only printed book is the poetry paperback titled ‘Listen’ which will be out soon on hard copy.

Listen was published by Hibiscus, winning three awards last year and is listed in Amazon’s online bookstore.

My story as an aspiring young novelist will be featured among the other stories in the book ‘8 million possibilities’ and I am incredibly honored and humbled for such privilege.  

Everyday People PNG : Petronila Mavoko


Then  I moved to Matanatava Noviciate where I spent 4 yrs professed before I professed  as an MSC Sister.

Whilst a nun I decided to enrolled at the OLSH code centre Vunapope where I completed my grade 10.

1995 enrolled at Vunapope nursing school unfortunately did not finish my training so she decided to try Lemakot school of nursing NIP where I did 1st and 2nd year.  Then decided to apply for leave as a nun with MSC after  6 years.