Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG : Bartholomew Dai

      I remember when I was in grade 6, I got into a fight with one of my friends. We both got called into the principal’s office and I was laid off from school for two weeks as a consequence. During those two weeks I felt sad so when I returned to school, the first thing I did was to look for him and apologized. We all are enslaved to our own little demon, either in word, deed, action and addiction. They all have one cure. That cure is Jesus Christ himself. Jesus cures a man with a demon with power and authority.

Everyday People PNG : Titus Peter

2018 I did my grades 9 and 10  at  Kundiawa Lutheran Day Secondary. Unfortunately he could not continue in year 11 due to family problems.

This is year I want to go back to school and fulfill my dream of becoming a male nurse because I love to  save lives . I see a lot of people in my village dying of curable diseases 

Same time I want continue playing rugby league and if I continue to play well my next aim  to play in the  Digicel Cup and PNG Hunters one day.

Right now I’m already in the Warriors training squad and if the bid is successful than that’s great.

Everyday People PNG : Agnes Tangoma

Apart from looking after the sick at the Kundiawa hospital I also mentor and counsel young boys and girls by sharing my story with them to encourage and inspire them that through struggles and hard work you can be successful in life.

I also encourage young girls with unplanned pregnancy not to give up but get re enrolled into the school system and complete their studies through, FODE, TVET, Don Bonsco or look at subsistence farming to sustain their family.

Everyday People PNG : Marianne Dai

Being the eldest can be fun as they learn to grow in the company of their siblings also this can be challenging at times. For example for the past four years I have been away from home to complete my studies. During this time my siblings would call for help in their school work. At time I found this too big to complete. As Jesus calls the four fishermen to be his disciples I believe each one of us is called to follow him. To my dear friends out there, each one of us are called to follow him and play the roles he gives us with a loving and determined heart.

Everyday People PNG : Susan Magoi

Mi na man blong mi save lotu long Shekinah Move of God. Mitupla gat foapela pikinini, tripla boi na wanpla gel. Tasol man blong mi em laik kisim narapla meri. Olsem na God ino laikim displa kain pasin na em rausim pikinini gel blong mi. Ya God kisim em na em dai na go pinis.

Everyday People PNG: Reaba Oliong Ebua

I’m a Grade Eight teacher at Siki Primary School in Finschhafen district, Morobe Province. 

I’ve been teaching for 24 years in the districts of Finschhafen and Tewae-Siassi.

The establishment of the Heldsbach early childhood and junior primary teacher training centre couldn’t have come at a better time.

Previously, elementary teachers undergo training for six months or six weeks only, which is not enough. And what they teach in the classrooms is not enough for the students.

Everyday People PNG: Wesley Yanum

A chief to his Murik people and rest of Angoram and also the East Sepik Province and his lifetime of servanthood to his beloved Papua New Guinea.
He was certainly God-sent at the right time in the history of our country.
He united and took this country out from the clutches of the primitive age and brought us straight into the modern-day technology age. 

Everyday People PNG : Captain Kopi Maino

I’m the captain of Mamose Express. I’ve been on board this Lutheran Shipping vessel for three years.

Out at sea, I’ve been sailing for more than nine years; this year will be my tenth.

As the captain on board, my responsibility is safety. Safety is of paramount importance; we consider it before and after sailing.

As this is a passenger vessel, we normally do our safety briefings and announcements with our passengers, where we inform them of safety procedures.

Everyday People PNG : Eva Wando

I attended a then community school at Four-Mile in Lae. From there, I went to high school but was unable to complete Grade Eight due to school fee issues.

After doing a number of odd jobs, I ended up at a hotel in Lae and have been here for 13 years now.

My rate is not that high but I need to continue working if I am to support my wife and two children.

I also love my job and am wholly committed to it. I am concerned about this job and every day, I look forward to ensuring that I fully achieve my day’s tasks.

- Eva Wando 

Everyday People PNG : Ellen Manase

Since we live near the Dregerhafen Secondary School, our income depends on the students and staff there.

When students are in school, I can earn K30 a day; no more than that.

When they are out on holidays, we look for other ways to put food on the table.

Our MP said to help us with SME funding so we are still waiting for him to fulfill his commitment.

For the time being, we do what we can.

Ellen Manase, Finschhafen, Morobe Province