Everyday people PNG

Everyday People PNG : Ruth Wazob

Then I met an ex-schoolmate who works at the office of higher education, who advised me on what to do to obtain my transcript. 

After receiving my transcript, I decided to search online to see which course would best suit me.

This is why I can proudly say that my most significant achievement is achieving my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specialising in advertising and marketing online.

I did not continue my studies in 1982 due to personal issues, so it took me a while to obtain this.

Everyday People PNG : Phelameya Haiveta

I came from a single parent home and had a tough childhood. I persevered to get my degree when I was also expecting my son in final year. I succeeded in both.

I achieved my milestone through the support of my very close friends at school, and the kindness of other benefactors. A positive mind-set, and also loads of determination, hope and the attitude of never giving up saw me through my darkest days.

I grew up in an unstable home, so I had self-esteem and anxiety issues. This I compensated for with overachieving academically.

Everyday People PNG : Vanessa Kihanges

In a nutshell, I help my clients run their businesses.

I believe the best is yet to come.

But on a serious note, in my past life I was a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, amongst other things, so I've had the privilege of assisting in some very big M&A deals in PNG, including the USD89 million recapitalisation of bmobile a couple of years ago with the partners at Leahy Lewin Lowing Sullivan Lawyers, and most recently, the sale of some of ANZ Bank PNG's businesses to Kina Bank.

Everyday People PNG :Geraldine Setu

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my dream if it weren’t for my parents’ and family’s support.

Life does not come easy to those who sit and wait. You have to push and work hard.

To successfully complete my education, I had to prioritise school work and other required tasks. And after graduating, I had to secure a job.

I was fortunate to be accepted into the BSP graduate development program. It was a great experience for me to be able to move through different sections within the branch as well and understand the system and processes.

Everyday People: Sir Buri Kidu

Sir Buri was born a true leader and this he showed in how well he looked after his family and his people. He was a man of principle and of a stout demeanor that kept the judicial system proudly on its feet during his term.

Buri had met Carol at a fitness camp when they were in high school. He attended Toowoomba Grammar School where he was the first PNG student appointed senior prefect and then School Captain. Carol attended the Sandgate High School.

Everyday People PNG : Mactuawe Stafford

I was born on May 15th, 1941. I’m from Butibam village in Morobe Province.

My late father, Dr Gware, would take me with him on his bicycle and we would go to a field hospital located at Second Seven where he treated Melanesians and Asians because they were not allowed at ANGAU at that time.

I would sit at the bed of these injured soldiers and sing and converse with them in tok ples Yabim. Though they did not understand me, just my presence made them happy.

Everyday People: James Sabi

So that’s basically what I do. And mainly the work we do is conservation, Biodiversity conservation. So ol bush animal and whatever we are able to protect. We protect and care for all types of animals in the bush so that’s the main work we do. 

Everyday People: Ezekiel Dau

It is a privilege to be working with a PNG company that specialises in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

It gives us an opportunity to work to world class standards in the field of NDT and enhance our learning and skills by working in collaboration with other engineers/technicians.

My job is associated with Asset Integrity and Quality Assurance of plant and equipment starting from construction, design and up to the operational and maintenance aspects of the business.

Everyday People: Helen Manase

She and her two daughters had attended the 4-week City Mission Business training together, in the month July.

Helen shares her experience.

“This course is one of a kind and it’s the best, I can say. I left school a long time ago and I had been taking care of my children and just staying in the house and I thought that was all there is to life. But after attending this training I am inspired and it made me realize that some things which I thought I couldn’t do in the past, I could do. It helped me to start again.

Everyday People PNG : David Taralu

 I moved to Port Moresby in the same year and started working as a security guard until 2017. In 2018 I applied to study at (International Training Institute) to study computing. I was accepted and I managed to complete my studies. Now I am studding at (Port Moresby Technical College).

Life is hard in (Port Moresby). Sometimes when there is no bus fare, I go late to school, or I have nothing to eat. But I am committed and I will sacrifice for my family, my parents, who are (in the village).