Everyday People PNG : Gilbert Aovava

My name is Gilbert Aovava, I am from Paivela in West Kerema, Gulf province.

I went to school in the village, the highest I went was elementary school. However, I became a part of the church, and it was through the church that I learned how to read and I gained confidence to share the word of God. The church has helped me a lot.

I came to Port Moresby to hear the final decision of a court case with my fellow landowners, and a logging company operating in our area. We have been receiving royalties from the logging company for 29 years but there have been some issues with our payments so we took the matter to court.

Some of us came from the village, some are living here in the city but we are all here with our Chairman to support him. I hope everything works out for us.

Melissa Wokasup