Everyday People: Napoleon Susuk

He was participating in the fair by selling drinks during the event. Napoleon completed his final year of studies at UPNG in 2020 where he majored in Literature and minor in political science.

“I plan to go back and complete my studies with a double major to take up political studies but it is not possible now because they removed that so I will just go back and upgrade some of my courses. Since I cannot find job yet I am doing small sales to occupy myself,” says Napoleon.

SME Fair

The fair is an NCDC-backed initiative that provides a sustained platform for vendors in the SME and informal sector to access market space to contribute to the economy.

Sixty five vendors within Hohola displayed their products in respective stalls basically to contribute to achieving the National SME policy.

In order to achieve the National SME policy, the government made a pledge to support this rollout.

Vendors said the SME Fair has created an avenue for them to make more revenue.