Everyday People: Napoleon Susuk

Napoleon Susuk from mix parentage of Oro & Central was participating in the NCDC sponsored SME fair at Hohola Lareva market on Saturday, August 28th, 2021.

He was participating in the fair by selling drinks during the event. Napoleon completed his final year of studies at UPNG in 2020 where he majored in Literature and minor in political science.

“I plan to go back and complete my studies with a double major to take up political studies but it is not possible now because they removed that so I will just go back and upgrade some of my courses. Since I cannot find job yet I am doing small sales to occupy myself,” says Napoleon.

He said finding a paid job, even for a university graduate is very, very hard these days, so he takes advantage of events like the SME fair which was created by the NCD Governor.   

“I want to involve myself with the mothers and do my own sales too, just to sustain myself and to save some money for my school next year,” Napoleon continues.  

Life story

“My parents separated when I was just a kid due to their own reasons. I was brought up just as a normal Papua New Guinean child with my mother and my grandparents. I never thought about getting involved in any illegal activities, because I live with my parent and grandparents so I followed what they teach me to do.  

“In school I face struggles and situations but that did not stop me from living and pursuing my dreams. We all have dreams to achieve. Sometimes I get some help from my father too but as I grow up and go into university, I realized that I have to learn to sustain myself somehow.

“I didn’t have my own room so I would bunk in with the other boys, so this experience caused me to think of starting my own sales. I tried to set long term and short-term goals. For short-term goals I set many goals; like plan A, plan B, plan C. If one doesn’t work out, I try the other.

“After university I got a job but then I got laid off because of COVID-19 so I went for the other option, which was to start my own market sales. Any sales is ok, it doesn’t matter, as long as I have K2 in my pocket.

“Many people see me selling stuff among Highlanders and they get confused. They wonder what this chubby Papuan kid is doing selling buai and smoke on the street instead of riding around in a nice car.  

“You see how I used to sell smoke and buai in school. The point is sell anything to get by.” Napoleon confidently concluded.

Frieda Kana