Public servants

Sustaining their retirement pay

Provincial commerce advisor Didimas Epo said many public servants retire without proper knowledge of sustaining their retirement pay.

Therefore, he said the provincial administration, through its commerce division, wanted to create a pathway for its retiring public servants.

“From experience, we found out that a lot of public servants leave without being given a proper pathway and at the end, they find out that they lost all their money because of bad or poor investments,” he said

Public servants resume work in Enga

He told Loop PNG that he is yet to confirm whether the public servants are back at work or not yet.

However, Provincial Administrator Dr Samson Amean confirmed that public servants have resumed work since yesterday.

He told Loop PNG via text message that only a few yet to turn up at work while most have already resumed their duties.

He said the Provincial Management Team had their meeting in the province on Monday and the Provincial Treasury is in operational as well.

“Everything should be operational by the end of the week.”

Public Servants urged not to support candidates

In a circular sent to all Departments and Governments agencies, Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali, has informed all public servants advising them on the illegality of supporting intending candidates during the election period.

 “All public employees are informed once again not to participate in the campaigns of candidates during the 2017 Election period. It is illegal for candidates to either solicit support from public employees or to accept support from public employees for their elections campaigns,” he said.

Judge: Public servants must not steal

They are entrusted with the responsibility to perform their roles with utmost honesty, to deliver the goods and services to the people and not go into business themselves.

This was stressed by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika today when he sentenced a senior public servant from the Wabag District Treasury Office, and a Civil Works coordinator, to eight years in prison with hard labour.

45 in ENB to graduate from IPA

The Islands Regional Training Centre's 2nd graduation, at the Vunadidir campus, will see two batches receive their certificate in middle management.

Registrar Joe Penias told Loop PNG that it took three months to complete the management program, which consisted of 5 units.

 "Most of the students here are from the public service, as the program is to do with management within the government sector," he said.

If they wish to continue, it would take them one year to get a diploma. "From there they can apply to universities to get a degree."


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Asian men arrested for alleged sex with female worker

Two Chinese men have been arrested for an alleged sexual assault involving a young woman.


Kali urges public servants to uphold values

Public servants have been urged to uphold values drawn from the Constitution, Christian principles, traditional societies and corporate world.

Kali urges public servants to uphold values

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, John Kali says there are six values that the public service needs to uphold in daily decision making and conduct.

These are honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, wisdom and responsivity.

Kali said public servants must be honest and always stand up and speak out for the truth.

They must have integrity and moral ethical principles in their private and public life in a manner that attracts respect, trust and sense of dependability.

Public servants challenged to change

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari urged public servants at the dedication service in Port Moresby on Tuesday to change their attitude and conduct.

Lupari said 2017 should begin with a change to be more effective, accountable and responsible and take ownership of many of the issues faced today.

“It means that we must get rid of our bad habits and practices as we simply can’t continue that path that we have traveled in the past. 

“The people of PNG depend on us in making sure that we implement policies and programs,” he said.

Dedication service hosted for public servants

The service was hosted for the first time at the Sir john Guise Indoor Complex and facilitated by the Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion.

The event marked the official prayer and dedication year for all public servants throughout the country.

The theme for the dedication service was ‘Servants of God Chosen and Called to Serve’.

The ceremony was attended by Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari with all department heads to open the new public service year.

Lupari urges public servants to work and deliver

However, Lupari in a statement said the key challenge for the government is not so much economic issues but the ability of the Public Service to deliver.

“The Public Service continues to be a major obstacle to implementation and delivery of the government policies and programs," said Lupari.

“It is important that every public servant in the country reflect on our performance in 2016 and start 2017 with a change in attitude and take greater ownership."

He said changes in attitude were evident in 2016, "and must build on these improvements in 2017".