Health Awareness For Public Servants

Professor Kevau was invited to give a health talk to the staff made a presentation on communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The main difference between communicable and non-communicable diseases is that the former is contagious and can be transmitted from one individual to another. On the other hand, non-communicable diseases are not infectious.

Committee meet to discuss GBV matters

The National GBV Advisory Committee told the media that its purpose was to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss issues about GBV and from this committee, they will report straight to NEC who will then deliberate on the matter where it is relevant to the country to try and address the issues experienced currently.

GG executes contracts for state

The Governor General executed a contract for the long-term maintenance of the Magi Highway in Central Province to Milne Bay Province.

The maintenance will cover the Goilanai Bridge along Magi Highway to Gadaisu in Milne Bay.

The five-year contract is valued at K38, 470, 850.00, and is fully funded by the Australian Government through the Transport Sector Support Program.

Modernising PNG’s Central Bank

In a statement, Treasurer Ling-Stuckey said following NEC’s decision on a new Acting Governor, the former Head of Financial Analysis and Supervisory Unit and former Deputy Governor, Benny Popoitai, who will be sworn in as Acting Governor.  

Ling-Stuckey said that this was the start of the reform process to modernize BPNG in improving its governance, accountability and independence.  

O’Neill Defends Blacklock

O’Neill further claimed that Blacklock’s arrest was ‘silly and unnecessary’ intimidation of innocent professional by Police and the Minister for Justice who has now become the complainant even though he is not a party to the employment contract. 

He further explained that the parties including PNG Power Board and employee Carolyn Blacklock have signed after consent from shareholder Kumul Consolidated Holdings and approval by the National Executive Council of the acting appointment. 

Komal: No need for new wards

He said approximately twenty new wards have been created in the Nipa region that have not followed due process through the LLG.

The member said he is unaware of the creation of these wards.  

He produced meeting minutes from a Provincial Assembly meeting outlining the creation of these wards which he was not informed about.

NEC endorses Intellectual Property Strategy

The National Executive Council (NEC) has recently endorsed the National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS).

NIPS is a strategic policy document that is intended to provide a roadmap to guide the integration of intellectual property into national development initiatives.

Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property framework is a tool of public policy that is generally intended to promote economic, social and cultural progress by stimulating creative work and technological innovation.

PM Marape in Bougainville

Marape was welcomed by the ABG Leaders and was received by a guard of Honour by the Bougainville Police Services and Correctional Service.

The Prime Minister and his delegation was accorded the Bougainville Traditional welcome Tsutsu(washing of the feet).

He will chair the NEC at 1pm and later address the ABG House of Representatives or the Bougainville Parliament at 2pm.

Power to suspend not with NEC: PM

He said this is a parliamentary decision.  

The Prime Minister’s clarification comes after demands from William Powi’s supporters to uplift the suspension of the Southern Highlands Provincial Government.

Following reports of the suspension, angry supporters aggressively showed their disapproval by marching through Nipa with weapons and placards, demanding for the PM to lift it. 

But it seems there has been a misunderstanding as Prime Minister O’Neill said NEC does not have that power.

NEC approves PNGEITI recommendations

A media statement from the PNG EITI has announced that the National Executive Council (NEC) on April 6 directed, under NEC Decision 91/2017, Government agencies in the extractive industries to implement the report which was submitted to Cabinet.

The 2013 Report is the first report PNG published as a candidate country to this global initiative that seeks to promote transparency around the management of wealth derived from petroleum and mineral resource.