Government house

New wife of GG officially welcomed

Lady Emeline Tufi Dadae, who tied the knot with the Governor General in January, was given a welcome by the staff of Government House during their annual dedication ceremony, where she briefly introduced herself as well as expressed a desire to work closely with everyone.

Of Tongan descent, Lady Emeline Tufi Dadae, who prefers to be addressed as “Lady Tufi”, was part of the dedication service at Konedobu, where she was given an opportunity to address the staff.

PM welcomes Basil as state minister

Speaking at Government House on Friday, the Prime Minister said the Leader of Pangu Pati brings a wealth of experience to Cabinet.

“I welcome Minister Basil to Cabinet, and the appointment of two new Vice Ministers, who I know will all make a valuable contribution to the development and implementation of Government policy,” the Prime Minister said.

“Pangu has joined to participate in the management of the affairs of the country and will serve our nation with diligence.”

Balance your physical and spiritual needs: Governor-General

He made statement during the launching of a Christian Fellowship program for staff of the Office of the Governor-General for 2017.

The annual Government House Christian Fellowship program was initiated by former Governor General Sir Paulias Matane in 2004.

“We all need three basic necessities to stay alive (food, water and air). We must add also our spiritual sustenance. Just like the three necessities of life, without spiritual sustenance we will not be able to perform well and give our best service to others and God,” the Governor-General said.

Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio passes away

“It is with great sadness that the Office of the Governor-General informs the people of Papua New Guinea that Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Michael Ogio, GCL, GCMG, KStJ, passed away this afternoon.”

“Grand Chief Sir Michael Ogio, the 9th Governor-General of Papua New Guinea, was ill for sometime and died at the State residence at Government House at 3:50pm today.”

“Grand Chief Sir Michael Ogio was 75 years old. Sir Michael was elected 9th Governor-General of Papua New Guinea on January 2011.

New PNG judge sworn in

Justice Harold Terrence Foulds will serve as a judge in PNG for a term of three years.

He signed instruments of his appointment, read and signed his declaration of office, loyalty and judiciary declaration at Government house last Friday.

The event was witnessed by Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio in the presence of other judges, including Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Ain aims to bring back credibility to ICCC

Ain said this following the signing of his employment contract on November 29 at Government House.

He reiterated what he said a year ago following his appointment as Acting Commissioner that it was his goal to bring back credibility to state regulatory bodies.

“As I had stated when taking over office last year, I want to bring back the credibility of the ICCC and trust and confidence of the regulated entities. Above all, I want to ensure that there is vibrant competition in our economy and the interests of our consumers are protected,” he said.

Judge Lindsay humbled by appointment

He was officially sworn in this morning at Government house by Governor General Sir Michael Ogio in the presence of Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika and is family.

He said it is not easy to reach such high office and is humbled for the opportunity to serve the judiciary through his permanent appointment.

He has been in practise for 14 years and spent two years as an associate to a judge prior to his appointment.

Justice Lindsay’s appointment is for a term of 10 years and he will be posted to Mt Hagen as the third resident judge.